Donald Trump retweets grace

President Donald Trump shared the call from his ally, MP Matt Gaetz (R-FL), to consider granting grace to himself.

After detailing the full mercy of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Trump has redrafted a number of posts, largely related to allegations of election fraud, as he continues to take action against the election result.

Among the shared comments was Gaetz’s call to Flynn’s pardon, which encouraged the president to carry out this action.

In a Fox News clip, Gaetz also said Trump should consider the power of grace for others if he sees fit – including himself.

“Trump should pardon Michael Flynn, pardon Thanksgiving Turkey, pardon everyone, from himself to administrative officials, Joe Exotic,” Gaetz told Fox News.

“Because the radical left seems to see a thirst for blood that will only subside if they come after people who have worked so hard to revive the Trump administration. I believe the president must exercise this power of grace effectively and robustly.”

Before leaving Trump’s office, he faces lawsuits and criminal investigations, which he previously defended from his position. There were suggestions you could try to spare yourself from federal crimes before leaving the post of Commander-in-Chief.

The ability to do so and what challenges it may face is unclear as the background to the situation is lacking.

Discussing this view, Brian Kalt, a professor of constitutional law at Michigan State University, said earlier. Newsweek: “My usual answer is, ‘Well, you can try. “