Donald Trump talks about “another four years” at the White House Christmas reception

“An amazing four years have passed,” Trump said in the room, full of many people who did not wear masks despite the guidance of public health officials amid the Covid-19 epidemic. – We’re trying to do it for another four years. Otherwise, we will meet in four years.

Once again, Trump mistakenly insisted on winning the election, saying, “But they don’t like it.” He also asked if people were watching “fraud hearings” with his legal team – referring to events that Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer had held with state lawmakers to try to challenge the election results.

“Honestly, it’s a shame,” Trump told the room.

The President addressed the guests from the large stairs of the White House. Although several wore masks, many did not, some coughed audibly.

Trump lost his bid for a second term last month, but still has to give in to Joe Biden’s elected president – despite his administration allowing the official presidential transition to begin.

Trump’s campaign adviser told CNN they discussed possible events related to Trump’s future plans. This event could be scheduled around the inauguration day, the consultant said.

Trump is expected to refer to a race in 2024, leaving the door open before the return campaign.

Trump’s advisers noted that he would incredibly retain the Republican party as GOP lawmakers hesitated to recognize Biden as president-elect. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” the consultant told CNN.

CNN reported last month that people on Trump’s track said they expect the president to tease the 2024 race when he finally acknowledges the results. These sources said they expected him to reject the 2020 competition as fraudulent, but at the same time hinted that he would start again in four years.
Trump sees

The opportunity for Trump to relaunch could create an awkward scenario for those currently surrounded and politically supported – given that the vice president, foreign minister, former UN ambassador and many others are considering their own presidential race.

But as Trump publicly denies losing the election while continuing his legal challenges, he sees the scoreboard and understands he has no chance of holding the presidency, two White House advisers told CNN on Monday.

Asked if the president would recognize that he had been defeated, a close counsel who contacted Trump about his legal strategy said Monday, “Yes, yes.” This adviser also said Trump would continue to face legal challenges until they were exhausted, but pointed to Monday’s election certification in Wisconsin and said, “Writing is on the wall”.

In a Sunday interview, Trump declined to offer a timetable for when he could ease his losing battle to overthrow the election results. And he admitted that if Biden took office, he wouldn’t be convinced he lost either.

Still, a person familiar with the situation said they thought Trump’s advisers would strongly encourage him to inaugurate on Jan. 20, even if he didn’t allow the election because it would better preserve his potential influence in the future – including if he did. he decides to start again in 2024 – if he doesn’t seem like a sore loser.

Trump told reporters last week that he had already decided what to do on the inauguration day. “I’ll be honest, I know the answer, but I just don’t want to say it yet,” he said. But the aides saw this more as a postponement of the issue and did not think a decision had been made.

CNN Devan Cole, Kevin Liptak and Caroline Kelly contributed to this report.