Donald Trump’s brutal day in court

“The relief requested by the petitioners is the most dramatic address to the judiciary I have ever seen,” said Brian Hagedorn, a conservative elected judge, in a consensus. “Judicial consent to such requests, which were so weakly based, would cause irreparable harm to any future choice by a foundation. Once the door has been opened for judicial annulment of the presidential election results, it will be terribly difficult to close that door again. This is a dangerous road on which we are being asked. “

A Arizona county judge like that tossed a suit It was brought by KOP President Kelli Ward. “The court will not find any misconduct, fraud or impact on the outcome of the election.” Ward vowed to appeal the decision.

The Nevada judge dismissed all the Trump team’s claims point by point, stressing that the facts they presented were rare and dissuasive. Carson district Opinion of Judge James Russell he repeatedly stressed that their case would not have been successful “at any standard of proof”.

“There is no credible or credible evidence that the Nevada 2020 general election was fraudulent,” Russell wrote.

Jesse Binnall, a Nevada lawyer for prospective Trump voters, said, “We don’t agree with the order. The case and evidence we presented was convincing and overwhelming. We have taken note of our appeal to the Supreme Court of Nevada.

In one of the most prominent cases – a lawsuit filed by controversial attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood in Georgia – the federal appellate court dismissed an appeal that extended the restraining order. counties.

The unanimous three-judge panel of the 11th District Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal without hearing the oral arguments of the litigants.

Judge Andrew Brasher, appointed by Trump, said the appeal was a strategic mistake because the lower court judge was on the verge of a trial that allowed Powell and Wood to appoint experts to inspect voting machines in some Georgia counties. .

“Plaintiffs would not choose the district court to answer yes. Instead, they appealed. And because they appealed, the evidentiary hearing was suspended and the case was significantly missed, ”wrote Brasher, opinion joined Charles Wilson, a judge appointed by Clinton, and a judge appointed by Robin Rosenbaum Obama.

Brasher also suggested that the case should not be as urgent as some of the cases cited by GOP lawyers. “The plaintiffs here are not in a position like detainees about to be executed or a patient removed from life support,” he wrote.

The appellate judges did not fully meet the challenge led by Powell, but the evasive outcome leading to the appellate court is that Trump supporters lost a week when they might have examined voting devices or tried to convince a district court judge to freeze several state voting assets.

Shortly after the appellate court’s decision came to light, Judge Timothy Batten held a hearing on Monday morning at the government’s request to inspect the planes in 10 Georgia counties. Powell and Wood did not respond to the request for comment.

In Michigan, the State Court of Appeals, through the efforts of the Trump campaign, prevented Michigan’s findings from being substantiated. The judges who extradited him Judgment 2-1 noted that while Trump’s attorneys had delayed their latest submissions for weeks, the state had continued and validated the election, which is considering a legal challenge.

And in Minnesota, it’s a state in which Biden won easily, but it’s on Trump’s radar on November 3, the rejected by the state Supreme Court The Republicans proposed a state-wide recount and aroused them because they did not file complaints with the county officials they were called upon in their submissions.