Downtown Trump Tower Reduces Security After President Leaves Office in January – NBC New York

President Donald Trump may not yet be willing to give up the fight for the White House, but the NYPD is already making plans for his expected departure by January.

After moving his residence to Florida in 2019, where he voted earlier in November, all indications are that he will be there after the expiration of his term. There’s also a good chance Trump will spend more time at Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey than in the city. This will affect the level of police presence that will be experienced at the Fifth Avenue building after Jan. 20, when President-elect Joe Biden takes the oath.

A senior law enforcement official told NBC New York that the NYPD is expected to work with the Secret Service to reduce the footprint and workforce around the Trump Tower.

This is likely to mean a freer flow along Fifth Avenue and a possible reopening of Keleti 56th Street on the south side of the building. The decline in security in the area is likely to be good news for some of the nearby high-end retailers, who have been cut off by frequent street closures and demonstrations.

The Secret Service had no comment, nor did the Trump administration.