Dr. Siegel warns that closure of a cruel Los Angeles restaurant will lead to “much more crowd” indoors

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new ban on on-site services for restaurants, bars and wineries is likely to backfire as more people will be forced to gather indoors to celebrate Thanksgiving, Fox News medical associate Dr Marc Siegel warned on Monday.

Siegel called on Garcetti in his “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” to “reconsider closing bars and restaurants in Los Angeles when COVID-19 is not being distributed.”


“When a lot of people, Mr. Mayor, are waiting for their turkey in one of these restaurants, what are they going to do?” he asked rhetorically. “They will gather [in] much larger mass than it would have and could potentially spread COVID-19. There is the hypocrisy of the government. “

Los Angeles County health officials announced Sunday that indoor meals for restaurants, bars and wineries will be banned for at least three weeks in an attempt to curb the “alarming” rate of coronavirus cases in the country’s most populous county.

Under the Los Angeles County Health Officials Ordinance, restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars are limited to delivery, drive-through and delivery only. The latest restrictions will take effect on November 25 at 10 p.m.

Siegel condemned the “cruelty” that “we can control a man through fear” and ordered the restaurant to close just before Thanksgiving. He also noted that COVID-19 cases, which can be traced back to restaurants and bars in the county, accounted for only 3.1%, or 70 of the 2,257 confirmed cases found at the 204 “outbreak” site.

“You know what [accounting for] more than seven [percent of cases]? LA county buildings, government buildings, these are more than twice a problem, ”said Siegel, who stressed that these buildings were not ordered to close.

But “if you’re a customer who wants to go to a Los Angeles restaurant on Wednesday or Thursday, you can’t even do it with al fresco dining,” Siegel said. “Even when it’s 63 degrees in Los Angeles today, you can’t afford to eat outdoors.”


According to Siegel, this move primarily affects “poor people” because “the very few cases we have seen of COVID-19 in Domino or Taco Bell or McDonald’s or Burger Occurs in King.

“That’s what this means here,” he said, “it’s not some beautiful gourmet restaurant in the Napa Valley that could send you all the food.

Fox News Daniella Genovese contributed to the report.