Due to the year of Google search, 2020 looks like a whole decade

If you’ve asked me to tell you everything that happened this year, I’ll probably have to lie down for a few minutes just to process the 2020 mess. Fortunately, Google’s annual search trend report has arrived, which is an unbiased illustration of everything. our minds. And it’s no surprise that our searches revolved mostly around the COVID-19 epidemic that immediately reshaped our daily lives; the disputed U.S. election, where Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump; and the Black Lives Matter is protesting, encouraging people around the world to acknowledge and combat racism.

As for the news and general searches, the election results were the most important, followed by the coronavirus (which took three places in our top five searches) and Kobe Bryant. Joe Biden, Kim Jong Un and Kamala Harris were the most sought-after people of the year, while Tom Hanks led the actors ’award (probably because he was among the first to sign COVID-19). Oscar winner Parasitic was the most sought-after film of the year, but it offset that cultural victory Tiger King the most sought after TV show. (Hey, at least the excellent Cobra Kai came second.)