Dwain Williams, a 65-year-old retired firefighter, was shot dead during a car crime attempt in Morgan Park – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – A retired Chicago fire lieutenant was shot and killed on Thursday afternoon during a vehicle hijacking attempt in Morgan Park.

As reported by CBS 2 Jermont Terry, police searched early Thursday night for clues to the murder of Lieutenant Dwain Williams and the four men involved in the horrific crime.

Around 2 p.m., Williams, 65, left the Let Get Poppin popcorn store on S. Western Ave at 11758 and walked to his vehicle as a four-door, dark-colored sedan pulled up, four men got out, and the bang rushed with him Brian McDermott of Chicago police according to its chief of operations.

The men tried to take Williams’ vehicle – a maroon Jeep Cherokee with festive reindeer antlers attached to it – and one of the assailants pulled out a gun and fired at least one shot, hitting the victim’s stomach, police said.

Williams had his own weapon and fired at the attackers, but the wound proved fatal. He was taken to Christ Lawn Center in Oak Lawn, where he was declared dead at 2:45 p.m., McDermott said.

According to the Fire Department, Williams retired two years ago after 26 years of service.

Williams’ last assignment was in the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

Lieutenant Dwain Williams (credit: Chicago Fire Department)

Lieutenant Williams was described as a caring man who spent most of his time at the Chicago Fire Department at Motor 122 Firefighters on 79th Street and Michigan Avenue.

His murder killed not only his family but also his firefighters.

Holding back the tears, his friend and companion, retired firefighter William Marshall, tried to come to terms with the fact that Williams, his old friend, had disappeared.

“I’ve known Dwain since we were kids,” Marshall said. – We grown up together.

And for years, they worked in the same firefighter as the Chicago firefighters. The two are expected to retire for years.

“A lot of people who know him from the department would say he’s very kind-hearted,” Marshall said.

Marshall said Williams would have given up the vehicle.

“We’ve talked about this before,” he said. – He would have given it to them.

“He saved lives during his work here.” Why would you take your life now? said Andrew Holmes, a friend and community activist.

Upon learning of the shooting in Morgan Park, he rushed to Marshall Williams’ house.

“I came here to talk to your wife, whom I know very well.” He did not know. He did not know. He was trying to call at that moment, Marshall said. – That’s when the data providers came up, and that’s when reality came into being.

A 30-year-old loving husband and two fathers of four were taken away. Years of service honored the parade of attorney Christ Medical Center – with full escort – by the bravest brothers in Chicago at the Cook County Medical Examination Office.

It wasn’t clear if any of Williams ’bullets hit the attackers, but they boarded west on the sedan’s 118th Street, McDermott said.

Lieutenant Williams, despite retiring, proudly served his city and eventually died in the streets.

Police did not publish a description of the vehicle hijackers. It is not known whether they fled on foot or by car.

District 2 detectives were on the scene and followed after him on Thursday night. Police are also reviewing several surveillance cameras in the area.

“If you really get a call to find your son, nephew, help them.” Give investigators the information where they are – because it was wrong, ”Holmes said. “That was bad.”

Williams ’family stressed they know someone knows something and are urging anyone to give their widow some sort of closure and rest.

Carjacking crisis in Chicago
Car robberies have hit the entire city in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, a 19-year-old man was charged with kidnapping a driver in the parking lot of the Jewel-Osco store in Wicker Park last week, barely five days after he was released for a previous offense. Chicago police said Quitone Nash in Markham was arrested early Friday morning after officers spotted him at an Englewood gas station and drove the same vehicle he had been hijacked in a parking lot of a car a few hours earlier in Wicker Park. -Osco store on the corner of Milwaukee Avenue and Paulina Street.

It was believed that this incident was not related to the recent Lakeview and Bucktown road vehicle hijackings, or another day later, a few blocks to Wicker Park.

Shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday morning, a 38-year-old man was stopped at a red light in a 2019 black Audi A5 sedan at the six-way intersection of Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenue when two men stopped in front of him, got out of their vehicle and demanded their car at gunpoint. He got out and let them have the car, police said.

The suspects fled northwest on Milwaukee Avenue in the victims ’car, followed by a Jeep, police said.

At this incident, police said the driver remained intact. We cannot say the same about other victims of the recent car hijackings in Chicago.

Earlier last week, CBS 2 Charlie De Mar met Luv Randhawa, who was attempting a car experiment in the middle of the Loop.

“My legs and chest are injured,” Randhawa said. – They put the gun on my chest and hit it. There were four or five people.

He was in the driver’s seat of Randhawa’s car in Las Vegas when he was parked with his buddy and jumped into a Starbucks on Monday night for a cup of coffee near the State and Lake streets. Within seconds, a group of teenagers went in with guns and attacked the man.

“They tried to take this car,” Randhawa said Monday. – This car can be rented.

Randhawa overcame a group of teenagers who tried to take not only her rented car but her life as well.

– He pulled out the trigger. Something jumps out, ”Randhawa said. – The bullet pops out, so the gun is locked.

The suspects in the case were apprehended shortly after.

Also last week, a red four-door Audit in the 1400 block of West Wolfram Street was stolen with a gun. He is believed to be part of a car hijacking in Lakeview and Bucktown.

While the woman involved in the Lakeview event was safe, hours later, another attempt by car robbery took place early Tuesday morning in Bucktown. And it so happened that the suspects pulled it up with a red Audi, just like what was stolen on Wolfram Street.

Two men jumped out of the Audi and tried to steal a Porsche when Tina Ariola and her daughter drove into their driveway. When Tina’s husband, Dave, walked out, he was shot and jumped back to the same red Audi. CBS 2 Terry spoke to the victims of the car murder on Wednesday.

“I wanted to stay very calm,” Tina Ariola said. “I was very angry, but I did.”

In the surveillance video, you can hear Tina’s daughter telling her mother to follow her armed demands. The gunman took their cell phones, wallets, and car keys. The thief then turns around, thinking that the car hijacking is a finished business. But these earlier screams forced Dave Ariola to run out into the alley.

“I literally sat on the couch in underwear and a t-shirt,” Dave Ariola said. – I never got through the fence. I was in the yard.

The robber turned and immediately shot Dave. The bullet entered his wrist and stepped out of his elbow.

After Dave was shot, the fraudsters left everything behind – including the car. Chicago police were still searching for the criminal double Thursday night.

Add these cases to the rest of the car crash on the weekend before Thanksgiving, many of them on the north or near northwest side. In one – also in the Wicker Park-Bucktown area – a woman turned and got out of the way of the gunmen over time.

CBS 2 investigators followed the alarming trend.

In 2019, a total of 516 vehicle hijackings occurred in Chicago, and with December still ahead of us, by the end of November 2020, there had been 1,145 incidents and an increase. That means a 120% spike.

McDermott says the CPD’s city-wide car hijacking task force is increasing its capabilities and is aware of where car hijackings occur. Resources are being deployed in the right areas, he said.

Meanwhile, when McDermott asked questions at a press conference, CBS 2 Terry also noted that there is growing concern about crime in Beverly and Morgan Park. Just Wednesday, a woman was abducted in the garage on 97th Street and Winchester Avenue.

– We understand the fears they experience. We all have people we know who live in this community and who should not live in fear, and that men and women in this class do everything they can to stop the violence that is happening now and try to make it happen community and city everyone safe for him, ”McDermott said.

In addition to the boom in car robberies, more than 900 homicides have occurred in County Cook – Chicago and the suburbs combined – and could reach a 25-year high in homicides by the end of the year, the county medical examiner said this week. In addition, 70 Chicago police officers were shot – a 400 percent increase.

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