Eagles vs. Saints score: Jalen Hurts runs 109 yards in first NFL start while Philadelphia shocks New Orleans

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off one of the biggest upheavals of the NFL season and halted the New Orleans Saints ’nine-game winning streak as they reaped the conference’s 24-21 victory over the best team. Philadelphia ran more than 240 yards on the ground when Jalen Hurts won his first career. Hurts, who had 16 innings at 109 yards, became the first Eagles quarterback to have run at least 100 yards in a match since Michael Vick on December 19, 2010. Of the 30, 17 made 167 yards and a touchdown.

Miles Sanders was the first player with the Hurts team as the Eagles defender. Sanders made 115 yards with 115 yards and two touchdowns, including an 82-yard touchdown in the second quarter, which was his third 70-yard yard this year (there were 10 of them in the NFL this season). The Eagles defense had five sacks in the win, Josh Sweat had two with forced groping, and Javon Hargrave had a couple of bags. The Eagles defense also made three triple and triple knockouts and made two repurchases against the Saints attack – the top five units this season.

The Saints struggled in the attack this afternoon, averaging 5.7 yards per game and making two turnovers – Wil Lutz didn’t help with two missed field goals. Taysom Hill completed 28 of the 38 passes, throwing two touchdowns and an interception for 291 yards, while Alvin Kamara had 94 yards from qualifying. The Saints drew 17-0 at one point and then won 17-14 with 14 unanswered points, but the Eagles responded with a six-player, 55-yard drive after stopping the Saints in fourth place. The lead was ended by a Miles Sanders touchdown run, leaving Philadelphia 24:14 with 6:22. New Orleans was affected late, but was unable to recover. New Orleans will be eliminated from first place in the NFC with a defeat, giving the first place to the Green Bay Packers, who defeated the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Philadelphia completes a four-game losing streak.

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