East Valley series rapist arrested after more than 20 years in custody, police say

MESA, AZ – Police arrested a valley man on Tuesday who allegedly raped eight women and spent more than two decades at large.

Mesa police say DNA technology has identified 57-year-old John Daly III, a recently retired border guard agent, as a suspect in the attacks.

Between July 1999 and October 2001, police investigated a series of acts of sexual violence in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Bisbee.

Police said the eight cases were linked by similar suspicious behavior and three of the cases (Mesa, Gilbert and Bisbee) were compared with DNA. No viable wires were formed at that time.

Officials said in February 2021, investigative efforts laid the groundwork for Daly’s name. Police said a background check revealed that Daly was living near sexual acts at the time.

In April 2021, DNA linked Daly to two rapes; a Mesa and a Gilbert case.

Officers from Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Bisbee Police, FBI, and Border Guard officials worked together on these cases, making contacts, conducting interviews, and gathering evidence.

Police said Daly was arrested on May 4 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. He was prosecuted for three of the eight cases.

Bisbee Police Department officials say they plan to file charges for their case, police say the other four cases require further investigation before the charges are brought.

If you or an acquaintance has more information III. About János Daly, call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.