El Paso is moving to the 2019 Trump Campaign Meeting to recover outstanding debts

Officials in El Paso, Texas, said this week they would hire legal counsel during their fight to raise more than half a million dollars President TrumpDonald John Trump, Minnesota justifies the Biden victoryhis re-election campaign on a demonstration in the city in February 2019.

According to the local NBC switched station KTSM, El Paso City Council voted unanimously on the admission on Monday Snapper L. Carr’s law firm to represent them in order to pay nearly $ 570,000 of the total cost of the Trump campaign.

The campaign initially owed about $ 470,000 in connection with the February event, mostly during his visit from the services provided by the city police and fire department.

However, the city has since topped the bill with more than $ 98,000 in late fees.

“The Trump campaign is likely to face a large amount of debt in the election,” city lawyer Karla Nieman said of the KTSM. “We believe that based on the research and information we have gathered through the City Law Firm and the Audit Office, the best solution is to ask Mr. Carr to help us recover the debt.”

The local store reported that city councilor Peter Svarzbein said at a meeting on Tuesday that obtaining debt was essential to maintaining the city’s budget, especially because the area, like much of the country, is facing a rapid increase in coronavirus infections.

“We all see with our own hands the struggles of everyday El Paso families in addition to the challenges in our own budgets,” Svarzbein said. “So this amount of money isn’t insignificant, and the message we’re sending that no one is above the law is also important for our community to understand.”

In April of this year, the mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo (R), proposed this the city can sue the campaign for failing to pay the event fee.

However, Nieman said on Tuesday that the city has no plans to sue the campaign so far, saying officialshe tried in various ways to recover his debt to the city of El Paso. ”

Trump was the first to hold a campaign meeting in 2019 when he made efforts to secure billions of dollars for wall-building on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The an. According to six city departments, including the fire department, health, aviation and police, the meeting was held the bill was obtained by the El Paso Times.

A Trump campaign official told The Hill in April that he was not responsible for city contracts focused on the police.

“It’s not the U.S. Secret Service, but the campaign coordinated by local law enforcement,” the official said. “The campaign itself does not contract with local authorities for police participation. All billing questions should be forwarded to the Secret Service.”