Election 2020: Courts give Trump more losses when attempts to unlock results collapse

Trump has not yet recognized the competition, although he has occasionally hinted that he will no longer be in office next year.

In Michigan, state court judges ruled 2-1 against the Trump campaign, saying his request to challenge the election results was “disputed” because the Canvassers State Board had already validated the results. The judges added that the campaign failed the window to call for a recount, it was the only remedy he could follow.

The court criticized the campaign for not correcting the problems with its original November 6 announcement on November 30 at 11:21 p.m. The Wayvens County Canvassers Board validated the results of the November 17 election and the Canvassers State Administration on November 23.

“Because the plaintiff did not comply with Michigan’s clear law on such matters, their actions are disputed,” the judges wrote.

Biden won the state with more than 154,000 votes and there was no evidence of fraud in the election.

All court cases filed by Trump or his career in Michigan have been lost or revoked. Earlier this week, Rudy Giuliani led a march of misinformation and false allegations to the Michigan House Oversight Committee, where he did not testify under oath and called witnesses who made recycled, previously refuted allegations about the election.


District Judge James Russell rejected a Republican attempt to declare Trump the winner of Nevada’s election votes.

One day after the lengthy evidentiary hearing, Russell wrote that “the contestant had not proved on any basis of evidence” a long list of allegations against the Biden-Harris campaign, including paying voters for voting. He rejected a request to replace democratic voters with Republicans.

“While we appreciate the court taking into account the evidence submitted, we do not agree with the rejection of the competition,” a Nevada Republican party spokesman said in a statement. “The case and evidence we presented was convincing and overwhelming. President Donald J. Trump will immediately appeal to the Nevada voters against the rejection in the Nevada Supreme Court. The fight will continue for a clean and fair election.”


A state court late Friday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Biden’s Arizona victory or force another recount.

In a brief order, Supreme Court Judge Randall Warren said the plaintiffs had not proved fraud, breach of duty, illegal voting or erroneous counting.

The plaintiff – Kelli Ward, the state’s Republican party president and President Trump’s presidential election – said before Warren’s decision that he would appeal any adverse outcome to the Arizona Supreme Court. This is the fifth election-related lawsuit filed by Trump’s allies for rejection or rejection in Arizona state court since the election.

In recent weeks, Ward has relentlessly promoted a wide range of unfounded election conspiracy theories in social media and public statements. The lawsuit against 11 Biden voters claimed that the mistakes of Maricopa County, the most populous state in the state and home to Phoenix, cost Trump enough to potentially change the outcome. The lawsuit focused on the alleged issues, verifying voters ’signatures on the postal envelope, and claimed that the votes were reversed in copies of ballot papers that could not be read by spreadsheets.

But during a two-day trial in which 1,626 repetitive or signed postal ballots were reviewed, officials found a total of nine errors that would have cost Trump a net of six votes. State election officials and their attorneys said extrapolating the error rate to Maricopa County’s 27,859 duplicate ballots would potentially mean Trump could have lost roughly 100 votes – far from enough to make any difference, given that Biden won Arizona by 10,457 votes.

Seven GOP election observers suggested that machines or software reversed the votes or made other mistakes in their testimony. But election officials testified that the alleged errors would have been largely addressed in the verification of votes.

Attorney Marc Elias, representing the voters of Biden, argued that the plaintiffs “did not provide evidence of misconduct, any evidence of fraud, any evidence of illegal voting.” According to him, the “garden variety defects” they described “” do not show at all that the results should be destroyed “.

“Joe Biden won this election,” Elias said. “Nothing you’ve heard in the last two days … can make a difference.” ”


For the second day in a row, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in 4-3 days a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the result of the state’s presidential election.

The latest comes from the Wisconsin Voters Association, which alleges “Wisconsin law violations” by state election officials and asks the court to prevent the election by the Wisconsin Electoral Commission so that “state law can legally appoint voters.”

As part of the unanimous opinion, Justice Minister Brian Hagedorn wrote that they had been asked to perform a “never-before-seen” task, saying, “We are being asked to invalidate the entire Wisconsin presidential election by declaring it‘ null and void ’- yes, the whole thing. and much more. We have to say that we are calling on the Wisconsin Electoral Commission to certify the election so that Wisconsin’s presidential voters can be elected by the legislature, and we are obliging the governor to certify those voters. ”

He continued: “Once the door has opened for the judicial annulment of the presidential election results, it will be terribly difficult to close the door again. This is a dangerous path we are being asked to. Losing public confidence in our constitutional order from the exercise of such judicial power would be unpredictable.”

Chief Patience Roggensack disagreed, writing, “This court has repeatedly turned its back on requests from the public to address an issue of concern across the state that requires a statement of what is required by the statute when voting in absentia.”

On Thursday, the court dismissed Trump’s trial, which sought to remove more than 221,000 votes from Wisconsin’s certified presidential vote.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Democrat confirmed the results of the Nov. 30 presidential election, giving Biden 10 of the state’s electoral votes.