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Elizabeth Warren's new 2020 status: puts second with Bernie Sanders

Two weeks after the first and anticipated democratic debate, the Massachusetts Democrat emerged as a recent poll and stepped out of the one-digit numbers among teenagers to join his progressive rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Warren's new position at Sanders is a remarkable increase for the Senator, who at the beginning of the year occasionally raised the question of whether he would be able to get enough traction or sufficient resources. His rise also highlights a new political reality for Sanders – that he no longer seems to enjoy the luxury of being in second place behind Joe Biden's former vice president.
A new Quinnipiac national poll, which introduced Biden on Tuesday, still led the large Democratic area, with 30% support for Democrats and Democracy-based independence, and Sanders and Warren as the only other two-digit support candidate with 19% and 15%.

This tendency is reflected in two state-specific polls: a poll by a new Monmouth University, acquired by Nevada, on Wednesday, Biden led 36% of support between Democrats and possibly Democratic MEPs; Warren 19%, 13% of Sanders.

& # 39; I have a plan: Elizabeth Warren's political proposals take over racial inequality
Meanwhile, during the weekend CNN / Des Moines Register / Mediacom Iowa poll received 24% support in the critical state, while Sanders, Warren and South Bend, Mayor of Indiana, Mayor of Pete Buttigeg with 16%, 15% and 14% support.
A strategy that seems to pay Warren: a big stake in your campaign to prioritize politics and ideas.

The Senator partially separated itself by issuing detailed policy plans for a quick cliff throughout the year, from the abolition of large technology companies and student loans to universal childcare. According to the campaign, about 20 suggestions have been made since New Year's Eve, when Warren unveiled his exploratory committee, and "I have a plan" on the trail in the de facto campaign slogan of Warren.

In April, when Robert Mueller's Special Adviser on the Russian Investigative Report was released, Warren gained the headlines when he became the first major 2020 candidate to invite the House to launch a trial – a step that some politically risky. But since then, many of his democratic rivals followed suit and raised the sound of Nancy Pelosi's House Speaker.
The recent proximity of Warren and Sanders in a series of recent polls shows that the clash between the two advances can occur. Senators are ideologically close to a number of important issues, and as the campaign season intensifies, pressure is likely to increase in both hopes of not only being separated from its current predecessor, Bident, but also from each other.
And there is an undeniable advantage that Sanders has so far pointed to Warren: fundraising.

At the end of the first quarter, Sanders raised $ 18.2 million – Warren $ 6 million three times. Both candidates refused to participate in high dollar fundraising and emphasize local, small dollar contributions.

Warren, at a weekend in Waterloo, in Iowa, refused much of the recent benefits.

"It's too early," the senator said, asking for the latest CNN survey. "I am very grateful to the people of Iowa for appearing today and at many events."

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