Elon Musk becomes the second richest man in the world, squeezing Bill Gates into third place


But does it make you happy?

The events of the world’s biggest destructive race unfolded on Tuesday morning after 49-year-old Elon Musk was crowned the second richest crown on Earth and Bill Gates was pushed into third place by a rounding error. Jeff Bezos, 56, the founder of Amazon, who is worth $ 182 billion, is still many tens of billions ahead of Musk for $ 127.9 billion. Fourth is luxury goods magnate Bernard Arnault, 71, who licks his wounds in the low-fifth place, 36-year-old Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, while the sixth richest man is 90-year-old Warren Buffet, valued at $ 86 billion.

Musk bounced narrowly on Gates, valued at $ 127.7 billion, on the Bloomberg chart following another huge rise in Tesla’s price, heard on the news that the company was included in the S&P 500 index of leading U.S. companies a week ago. With that, the 49-year-old’s net worth grew by $ 7.2 billion.

It’s unbelievable that Musk’s wealth, which is closely tied to Tesla’s share price, rose more than $ 100 billion this year, making it by far the biggest gain in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which lists the world’s greatest wealth. In January, Musk was ranked 35th.

Shares of Tesla rose nearly 500 percent in 2020, with a market value approaching $ 500 billion. Three-quarters of Musk’s net worth comes from shares in Tesla – 21 percent of which it owns.

If Tesla could become a $ 650 billion company by 2028, Musk could make a record $ 55.8 billion in bonus deals that could eliminate Bezos in the first place. However, it is much debated whether Tesla is able to maintain its huge market value; the company is expected to deliver about 320,000 electric vehicles this year, compared to the Japanese carmaker Toyota’s annual production of about 10 meters. Toyota has a market capitalization of approximately $ 236 billion.

However, the bulls argue that the expected increase in sales of electric vehicles over the next few years makes Tesla well positioned for further exponential growth.

Mercury Musk is a major player in the space industry; his company, SpaceX, sent four astronauts to the International Space Station last week with a Falcon rocket and Dragon capsule under a commercial contract with NASA. SpaceX will soon launch 60 broadband Internet satellites.

Gates, 65, the founder of Microsoft, was the richest man in the world for years before Bezos knocked him out of the top gap in 2017. Gates ’assets are worth $ 127.7 billion, but he has given more than $ 50 billion to fight disease and poverty, mostly through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which also supported the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Bezos saw that his luck had fallen slightly since the peak of the pandemic as Amazon’s price fell on successfully produced vaccines.

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