Erica Stefanko convicted of killing Army veterinarian Ashley Biggs by luring her with a fake pizza courier

Ashley Biggs worked as a Domino delivery driver when she stopped at a Ohio business one summer night in 2012. Biggs had no idea the company would be shut down. Or that the caller who ordered the big half-mushroom used a half-pepper cake, a pseudonym.

The midnight birth was just a trick to lure 25-year-old Biggs to death. At the time, Biggs was in the midst of a fierce pre-trial arrest battle with Chad Cobb, his ex-boyfriend, and the father of his 7-year-old child. When Biggs arrived, he waited in the parking lot with Cobb Taser and a 4-meter zipped tie to strangle him.

Cobb dumped Biggs ‘body in the trunk of his car and left the vehicle on a cornfield in Wayne County near his parents’ home. The 30-year-old father, who had charges of hospital violence against Biggs, emerges from the court records – pleaded guilty in 2013 to abducting and murdering him to avoid the death penalty.