Fauci says US can ‘surge’ in coronavir cases

“We have to be careful now because there will almost certainly be uptick to what happened with the trip,” Fauci said. “We understand the importance of family reunions, and that’s all we have to deal with, which we’re likely to grow in when we get into the colder weeks of winter and approach the Christmas season.”

The country could also jump before the Christmas and New Year holidays, when the weather gets cooler and cooler, Fauci added, noting that travel restrictions and recommendations are likely to remain in place before these holidays.

“Everyone is completely empathetic about the fatigue everyone feels, but if we can stay there for a while and do the basic things – wear a mask, avoid the crowd in the church environment, keep physical distance, wash our hands,” he said. “They seem simple to the full extent of the problem, but they still change.”