Fauci urges Americans to sacrifice traditional Thanksgiving Day to save lives

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The chief U.S. public health official urged Americans to make a “sacrifice today to save lives and illnesses” by resisting the urge to gather for Thanksgiving as more than 2,000 crown virus deaths occurred in the U.S. on Tuesday – the first time when this grim trace has exceeded since spring.

Anthony Fauci, a public health expert for the White House’s coronavirus task force and a senior official of every president since Ronald Reagan, said “this is my last plea” before tomorrow’s traditional dinner celebrations.

– Keep it as small as possible at indoor gatherings. We all know how hard it is because it’s such a beautiful, traditional holiday. But by using this victim, you can prevent infections, ”Fauci said in a live interview with ABC Good Morning America on Wednesday morning.

Fauci, who has been director of the National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases since 1984, said asymptomatic people who infect Covid-19 innocently and “without malice” inadvertently infect people when they attend indoor parties or gatherings, especially if you lose your face mask down to eat and drink.

“The sacrifice can now save lives and diseases and make the future much brighter when we get beyond that because we will live beyond that. Vaccinations are on the horizon, ”he said.

More than 2,100 coronavirus deaths were recorded in the United States on Tuesday. This is the highest 24-hour death in the United States since early May. The previous record included a total of 2,603 ​​deaths in a single day in mid-April, when New York was the hotspot for the world’s coronavirus and several hospitals in New York City were flooded.

According to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center, there are now more than 88,000 American hospitals with coronaviruses, nearly 12.6 feet of infections, and 260,000 deaths in the United States, the highest in the world.

Jonathan Reiner, a medical professor at George Washington University, described the gratitude he told CNN as “potentially the mother of all scattered events”.

He added: “We considered the Midwest to be viral during the summer at the Sturgis, South Dakota Motorcycle Rally, [in August] where people became infected and then scattered through the Midwest. Now imagine this en masse [over Thanksgiving], people leave every airport in the United States and carry a virus with them. “

Fauci added that “I am very concerned” when Americans, including health care workers, express doubts about taking vaccines in the U.S. that are nearing approval.

According to him, there are three “maybe more” vaccines that are “very effective” and people should believe in a “transparent and independent” approval process.

“We can crush this epidemic, as we did with smallpox, polio and measles,” he said.

Fauci said the president-elect, Joe Biden, had a conversation with incoming chief of staff Ron Klain.

The Trump administration agreed this week, three weeks after the election, to begin working with the Biden transition team.