FBI urges re-testing for all those who have been tested for coronavirus in the NJ lab

If you have received a coronavirus test at a certain laboratory in Atlantic County, the FBI will ask you to re-test and contact the federal agency. But it doesn’t explain why.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the FBI’s Newark office asked everyone who was recently tested for COVID-19 at the Infinity Diagnostic Laboratory on Atlantic Avenue in Ventnor to be “re-examined as soon as possible”.

He also asked that anyone who had a fingertip blood test performed at Ventnor Laboratory should contact the FBI Victim Support Unit.

“Your response is voluntary, but it could be helpful in a federal investigation,” the post read. “Based on the response provided, the FBI may contact you and request additional information.”

The FBI did not specifically explain why it is recommending retesting. But he said: “As reported on the US Food and Drug Administration website, a blood test for COVID-19 with a‘ fast ’fingertip is an antibody test and cannot be used to diagnose active cases of COVID-19. Only a test using a nostril or saliva should be used to diagnose active cases of COVID-19. “

NBC10 in Philadelphia reported that the FBI raided the Infinity Diagnostic Laboratory on Thursday, but noted that the FBI would not reveal what was at the center of the raid.

Infinity Diagnostics officials were not reached Friday night and Saturday morning.

When it was reached by NJ Advance Media on Saturday morning, the FBI confirmed that they had visited Ventnor’s lab, but did not provide further details, just saying it was an ongoing investigation.

He is an employee of NJ Advance Media Rodrigo Torrejon contributed to this report.

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