“Feel the match” with DualSense and Fifa 21 on PlayStation 5

The next generation of FIFA is only a few days away from release. In addition to the latest features, the game will also benefit from the next-generation PlayStation 5, which will be released in December this year.

EA Games has just released details of its first FIFA 21 game on PS5. The term EA is the “next level” used to describe the game’s PS5 performance. Read on to find out exactly what will unfold for all those who are launching with the PS5.


EA has significantly improved its gaming cameras. EA Sports GameCam is a fresh add-on that gives players a TV-like perspective. However, it is the LiveLight Rendering service that creates the actual spell.

A new deferred lighting system called LiveLight Rendering creates a more ultra-realistic football environment. You will see the visually stunning recreation of the world’s largest stadiums, such as Anfield and Parc des Princes, which makes them more vibrant than ever before.


While the epidemic has closed the stadium doors, FIFA 21 is repeating the high decibel mass with features like PreMatch Live and New Big Goal Moments.

PreMatch Live is adding a series of new movies to increase the immersion of matches. You will see fans flowing through revolving doors and others as this lays the foundation for the most authentic match day experience we have ever been able to provide.


Every year, EA takes a step forward with the goal of making players and the game realistic. Fifa 21 is only one step ahead in this direction. This may be the most realistic football simulation we have ever witnessed.

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How does DualSense change the game for Fifa fans?

Many new features on the Fifa 21 PS5 revolve around the controller. DualSense changes the way players feel in the intensity and adrenaline of high-voltage football.

“The adaptive triggers in the DualSense controller also allow us to increase trigger resistance as endurance is depleted, which means you’ll feel the effects of player fatigue when fitness decreases during play.

“It’s only available on the PS5, and I’m happy to feel the difference in DualSense in FIFA 21 and immerse yourself in match intensity in ways not previously possible.”

That’s more than enough reason for football fans to go crazy with the franchise’s new title.

Fifa 21 is released for PS5 on December 4th. Check out this place with PlayStation News.