Feinstein’s departure from the top post underpins the struggle for justice

Sen. Dianne FeinsteinAccording to Dianne Emiel Feinstein Whitehouse, the Democratic Board decides the future of the Judicial Committee. Hill’s morning report – presented by the UAE Embassy in Washington – Trump OKs transition; Biden touches the treasury, the state experience. Durbin Wants to CONTINUE to Become the Supreme Democrat in the Judiciary(In D-California) this week decided to step down as the Supreme Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, launch a fight for the future of the body, and many Democrats and outside groups are calling for a more aggressive approach to Republicans.

Feinstein’s departure came after weeks of pressure from Democratic colleagues and others who want a new strategy to counterbalance the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellMigration, executive action at the top Biden preview of the first 100 days. The publishing business clears the barrier in the shutdown fight (R-Ky.), Especially afterwards President TrumpDonald John Trump, Minnesota justifies the Biden victory successfully appointed the third judiciary of the Supreme Court.

A person familiar with Feinstein’s efforts to oust a senior member of the judiciary said the Senate’s democratic leader Charles SchumerChuck SchumerUSZ’s National Security Policy at the 117th Congress and a New Administration Voters say Biden should prioritize coronavirus vaccine: New York Metro service poll could be cut by 40 percent – warn MORE (NY) spoke several times with Feinstein and the people around him about his role in the committee after criticism from left-wing groups about how he treats justice. Amy Coney BarrettAmy Coney BarrettMCConnell prompts Trump to nominate Barrett on the night of Ginsburg’s death: report from federal appellate courts in Texas, Louisiana on efforts to cut Medicaid funding for Planned Parents The Hill’s Morning Report – United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington presents transition; Biden Treasury, state experience MOREconfirmatory hearings.

“It was going on for several weeks in the sense that a lot of touches happened,” the source said.

Two progressive groups – NARAL Pro-Choice America and Demand Justice – called for the resignation of the Justice Committee’s leading Democrat immediately after Barrett’s affirmative hearing.

According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, Feinstein could not clarify “how unprecedented, shameful and wrong” the ratification process was after Republicans competed with Barrett’s sitting in the Supreme Court before the Nov. 3 election, in stark contrast to their unwillingness to be heard. to keep. to a judge Merrick GarlandMerrick Brian Garland McConnell urges Trump to nominate Barrett on the night of Ginsburg’s death: Feinstein’s report: resigns from judiciary’s supreme Democrat Democracy The Hill’s Morning Report In 2016.

Some Democratic senators said in private before the hearing that they wanted to lead someone outside Feinstein to the democratic response in committee.

The other groups on the left were wondering whether to join the call for Feinstein’s resignation, but were held back after Schumer’s office announced that the Democratic leader was working on the situation, according to bargaining over Feinstein’s future.

Schumer told reporters on Oct. 20 that he “had a long and serious conversation with Senator Feinstein” after the uprising was caused by hugging the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin Graham, a spokeswoman, said the Tennessee Democrat said a “bad analogy” by saying that South Carolina voters have extra chromosomes. Former Graime Challenger Jaime Harrison Launches Political Action Committee Hill’s Morning Report – UAE Embassy in Washington – Trump OKs Transition; Biden Treasury, state experience MORE (RS.C.) At the end of Barrett’s hearing, he thanked him for “one of the best hearings I’ve attended”.

After the press conference, Schumer also spoke to Feinstein.

Feinstein ended Monday’s drama by announcing that he did not intend to serve as chairman or rank member of the Judicial Committee in 2021, opening the door for a younger member to head the committee.

People familiar with the conversations behind the scenes said his decision didn’t come out of the blue, but it wasn’t final until he announced it.

The 87-year-old California lawmaker, who was re-elected in 2018, said he wants to focus his energy on responding to the damage caused by the state’s drought and wildfires.

Democratic aides, however, said he was putting pressure on his resignation.

One assistant said Feinstein’s insistence on leading the board hit “double trouble in Lindsey Graham’s embrace and her performance throughout the hearing”.

With Feinstein stepping aside, Democrats are now kidding to steer the Judiciary Committee in a new direction.

Senate Democratic Whip Dick DurbinAccording to Dick Durbin Whitehouse, the Democratic House of Representatives will decide on the future of the Judiciary Committee. Hill’s morning report – presented by the UAE Embassy in Washington – Trump is fine, transition; Biden touches the treasury, the state experience. Durbin Wants to CONTINUE to Become the Supreme Democrat in the Judiciary (D-Ill.) On Monday, he announced plans to get the post vacated by Feinstein.

Durbin, a Senate Democrat No. 2, noted in a statement that he served on the board for 22 years and is the oldest member not currently working on top of another committee.

But he is already facing opposition from his colleagues and groups.

“There is a lot of concern for anyone in the top two positions on the committee’s number one leader,” a Democratic Senator said. – I know that the House of Representatives is very concerned about this.

The senator said Durbin “must decide” whether to pursue the Senate as a democratic whip, a prestigious position that gives access to the large office on the third floor of the Capitol and a security detail, or the Justice Committee.

Durbin is a top Democrat in the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, responsible for the Pentagon’s $ 700 billion budget.

The Senate Democratic Electorate has no rule that would prevent Durbin from serving as both a whip and a Supreme Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, although the Electoral Committee may vote on this before the start of the 117th Congress.

Durbin’s allies note that other Democrats acted as whips and on top of a committee.

The late Senator Alan Cranston (California) served simultaneously as a Senate Majority Whip and Chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee in the late 1980s; the late Senator Wendell Ford (D-Ky.) served as a democratic whip and supreme Democrat on the Senate Regulatory Committee in the 1990s; and there was charcoal. Harry ReidAccording to Harry Mason ReidWhitehouse, the Democratic House of Representatives decides on the future of the Judiciary Committee. (D-Nev.) In short, he served as the Chief Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee when he was a democratic whip in 2001.

Sen. Sheldon WhitehouseSheldon WhitehouseWhitehouse says the Democratic body decides the future of the Judiciary Committee (DR.I.), who is directly behind Durbin in the Judiciary Committee, is also said to be interested in the highest Democratic post.

On Monday, he praised Feinstein for leading the Democrats in the judiciary with “dignity and honor” and said he was “looking forward to continuing to work together” but did not comment on plans to move up the committee ladder.

The next day, Whitehouse indicated that he expected a parliamentary vote on who would lead the Democrats in the Judiciary Committee.

“Following the announcement by Senior Feinstein, I look forward to the issue of inheritance being decided by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the basis of a decision by the House of Representatives. I will keep the decision of the Board of Representatives, ”he said in a statement.

Whether the Democrats are in a majority or a minority next year will depend on whether the Senate holds two running races in Georgia scheduled for January 5th. David PerdueDemocrats are urging YouTube to remove election misinformation, stepping up its efforts before the Georgian runoff. (R) and Sen. Kelly LoefflerHome Democrat Kelly Loeffler accuses the Air Force of trying to influence Georgia’s Ossoff, Warnock runoff races to knock on doors in runoff campaigns. (R) to reverse the control of the upper chamber.

Some outside groups are already supporting Whitehouse, a former Rhode Island attorney who sees it as a priority to highlight the role that huge black money contributions have played in influencing Republican candidates in the judiciary.

Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, praised Whitehouse on Tuesday for his “strategic and competent” praise, noting that Durbin already has significant responsibilities as the number two member of the Senate’s democratic leadership.

“Sheldon Whitehouse is one of the most strategic and skillful fighters in the Democratic Caucasus. Dick Durbin has a big role to play as Whip Senate, and we assume he would be very happy if someone like Senator Whitehouse took the lead in the judiciary,” Green said.

Some activists see Durbin as more of an old-school senator who feels partial to the Senate’s collegiate traditions, while Whitehouse is more willing to hard-play with McConnell and the Conservative Federalist Society.

Durbin also has a record of collaborating with Republicans. One of the biggest accomplishments of recent years has been acting as a leading Democrat negotiator on the First Step Act, a criminal justice reform bill that President Trump enacted in December 2018.

He was a member of the bipartisan Eight Gang, along with Schumer, which in 2008 helped guide comprehensive immigration reform through the Senate.

So far, Schumer has remained neutral in the race for Feinstein’s successor, according to sources familiar with internal discussions.

Durbin is also being investigated by left-wing critics for his role in reaching an agreement with the Trump administration and Senate Republicans to strengthen a package of judges for four Illinois district court headquarters.

In July, NARAL Pro-Choice America summoned Judges Stephen McGlynn and David Dugan, who were confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, “hostile to reproductive freedom and a threat to the egg. V. Wade. “

“We are disappointed in Senator Durbin for voting for the candidates to move forward, and we are shocked that the anti-election Republican majority on the committee continues to stack courts with Trump judges even in the midst of a pandemic,” the group said.

However, Durbin defended the convention in September for electing Judge Franklin Valderrama, a Democrat, to the Cook County District Court and praising him as “an outstanding addition to the federal bench”.

“I recognize and respect the opposition expressed in this package by two Republican national teams, Judges Dugan and McGlynn. These candidates have made statements and expressed opinions with which they disagree, especially on issues related to reproductive rights. But as part of our bipartisan state process, I supported all four candidates in the package, ”he said.