Fire burns 3 Massachusetts homes, this may be due to exploding fried turkeys

Officials say the flame of a Thanksgiving that destroyed three houses in Massachusetts and injured a woman was probably caused by a jerk of a turkey.

New Bedford residents heard an explosion around 9:45 a.m. on Thursday, WBZ-TV reported as flames broke out in a home and quickly spread to homes on both sides.

A witness told the reporter that he had seen a fire flare on the back deck of a neighbor when he wanted to roast a turkey.

“He says he cooked the fried turkey and the propane tank exploded.” I heard the explosion, but I thought it was thunder, ”he told the news agency.

A video of the incident shows firefighters trying to extinguish the flame as the smoke fills the air. A woman was taken to hospital. His condition was unknown.

Around 27 people in the three homes managed to escape the fires. The displaced families were assisted by the Red Cross.

Commissioned by Scott Kruger, the new Bedford fire chief, investigators are investigating that “a cooking accident involving deep frying” caused the fire. He said firefighters responded to up to four cooking “misfortunes” on Thursday.


“You can’t underestimate the dangers of cooking because people are amateurs,” he said.

The fire department did not respond immediately to Fox News’ inquiry.

Jon Mitchell, the new mayor of Bedford, said in a video posted on Facebook, “It’s so important when you prepare food to make it safe and take extra precautions.”