Five suspects in shooting at Allina Clinic Crossroads in Buffalo injured

One man is in custody and five people were injured after a shooting at a health clinic in Buffalo, Minn.

Sixty-seven-year-old Buffalo Gregory P. Ulrich is currently being held in Wright County Jail. According to law enforcement, Ulrich is no stranger to them, as “more calls” have been made since 2003 involving Ulrich.

Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke told KSTP that the shooting took place inside the Allina Clinic Crossroads campus. He said the situation was limited at 11:42 a.m. and he still didn’t pose a threat to public safety.

Budke added that there are casualties, although “there are currently no deaths.”

He said the Minneapolis bomb squad is heading to the scene to inspect and clean up the scene of the incident. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon that “improvised explosive devices” were used during the incident.

Police later confirmed to the Associated Press that a person was in custody.

Budke says there is damage to the building, but it is unclear whether it was caused by a shooting or an explosive.

A spokesman for the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said the agency’s staff was on the scene. The Minnesota Criminal Detention Bureau also tweeted that there are special agents and crime scene staff at the scene.

North Memorial Health spokesman Abigail Greenheck said several victims had been brought to her hospital in Robbinsdale. He didn’t say how many states or what state they are in.

The Minnesota state patrol says its pilots are transporting six cans of blood from the Red Cross to Buffalo Hospital, ready for the victims of the shooting. The patrol also said soldiers were on the scene to help secure the area and urged the population to stay away from the scene and give law enforcement jobs.

Due to the situation, the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose schools canceled all evening activities.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has posted a statement on Twitter.

This is the latest news. The KSTP is currently working to confirm further details. Make sure you update your browser for the latest information.