Former Adviser to Prime Minister Andrew Cuomo claims to have been sexually harassed for “years”

Former Adviser to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment on Sunday, claiming that the behavior lasted “for years”.

In a series of tweets, Lindsey Boylan, who worked as deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to the governor from 2015 to 2018, said Cuomo “has been sexually harassed for years. Many saw and watched. Boylan did not disclose any people who would substantiate his claims.

“I could never foresee what I could expect: whether they were grilling for my work (which was very good) or whether they were harassed by my appearance. Or will both be in the same conversation? Boylan, a Democrat, will currently be the president of the Manhattan District. He did not provide any further details or more specific statements in the tweets.

Cuomo spokesman Caitlin Girouard said in a statement to the Associated Press: “These allegations are simply untrue.” The governor’s office did not respond immediately to repeated remarks by NBC News.

Boylan, who also didn’t comment immediately on Twitter, said on Twitter that he “has no interest in talking to reporters”.

He added, “angry that he was in such a situation at all.”

“That as a woman, I can work hard all my life to be better and help others, and yet I fall victim to countless women for generations. Mostly in silence, ”Boylan wrote. “I hate that some men like (Governor Cuomo) abuse his power.”

On December 5 Boylan has tweeted that “his most toxic team environment” was his time in the governor’s office, adding that people were “mortally afraid” of the governor.

After leaving the governor’s office, Boylan ran for Congress in the 2020 pre-election in New York’s 10th District, challenging current Democrat Jerry Nadler, who beat him comfortably in the race.

Cuomo, a Democrat, is currently serving his third term as governor of New York and has become a prominent antagonist of President Donald Trump’s policy on Covid-19. Prior to running the state, he was the Attorney General of New York.