Former CEO of claims he has an army of “hackers and cyber slefs” who could prove Trump’s re-election

The former CEO of Utah-based – an eccentric millionaire who resigned last year after having a romantic relationship with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina at the FBI’s request – said this week that she was now funding an army of hackers to try to prove Donald President Trump won the re-election.

Patrick Byrne made a statement on Tuesday during an interview with One America News, a far-right pro-Trump cable channel. His accusations that Democrats manipulated the election and stole the votes from Trump are unfounded.

Still, he said, “I’ve funded a team of hackers and cybernetics, other people with weird abilities,” trying to show the opposite.

Byrne, 57, has also spoken on several YouTube shows and podcasts this week by individuals promoting QAnon’s conspiracy theory that the mascot of the elite and liberals is involved in a worldwide child pedophile ring that Trump is fighting. At the heart of the conspiracy is an anonymous character named “Q” who posts mysterious messages on the Internet. The FBI has classified the group as a potential domestic terrorist threat.

“I’m a free agent, and I’m self-funded, and I’m funding this army of different weird people,” Byrne told a QAnon supporter during a podcast that The Daily Beast later reported on. “It’s going to be a great movie someday.”

Byrne said he has been concerned since August that the voting machines used in the election were flawed and changed the amount of votes against Trump. And he believes the “hackers and crackers” team has evidence. This is in part the same argument that Trump’s group of lawyers called for a recalculation.

But the voting machine company has repeatedly denied any equipment failure. And there is no evidence that any votes were miscalculated or altered, as Byrne claims. He did not provide any evidence during his interviews.

In an email on Saturday, Byrne added: “For a few months, I am proud to fund the Bad News Bears collection, which consists of the right spooks, lawyers and ethical hackers, patriots.

The founder and former CEO of has drawn attention to his conflicting views over the years. This exploded in July 2019 when he decided to make public his alleged involvement in the investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. elections and his alleged relationship with Butin at the behest of “Men in Black”. Butina is the only Russian citizen arrested in the United States for interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

“Although patriotic Americans write to me for support,” Byrne said at the time, “my presence can affect and complicate all kinds of business relationships, from insurability to strategic discussions about our retail business.

In addition to locating his business in Utah, Byrne was deeply involved in state politics. He spent $ 850,000 to support the campaign of former CEO of and now Jonathan Johnson, interim CEO, led by Governor Gary Herbert, who criticized Byrne as Johnson’s “sugar daddy”. Johnson overtook Herbert in the GOP, but was defeated in the pre-election.

He also supported school voucher efforts here.