Former Cyber ​​Security Chief Christopher Krebs Proposes Legal Action After Lawyer Joe DiGenova Trump Death

Christopher Krebs, former director of the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, on Tuesday morning suggested taking legal action against campaign lawyer Joe diGenova Trump because he noted that Krebs should “be taken away and shot at dawn”.

Krebs was fired as the Trump administration’s cybersecurity chief last month when he said this year’s presidential election is the “safest” in history, attracting the president’s anger as he flies in front of Trump’s “disappointed” election narrative. Meanwhile, Krebs continued to spread the president’s unfounded conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud, including a recent 60 min an interview that further angered Trump.

DiGenova Krebs, who appeared on Trump-Party Newsmax on Monday, was targeted for her allegation that there was no evidence that Trump had turned to elected president Joe Biden.

“Anyone who thinks this choice went well, like the idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity,” exclaimed diGenova’s presenter Howie Carr. – That guy is a Class A debut. It must be drawn and quartered. He was taken out and shot at dawn.

While interviewing Krebs on NBC Today Show, Savannah Guthrie’s anchor on Tuesday morning asked the ex-DHS official to respond to diGenova’s “obviously disturbing and dangerous” remarks.

“It’s certainly more dangerous language, more dangerous behavior, and the way I look at it is that we’re a nation of laws,” Krebs responded. “And I plan to take advantage of these laws.” I have an exceptional team of lawyers who win in court and I think they will probably be busy.

Asked if he felt legal action could arise from Trump’s attorney’s remarks, Krebs replied, “We’ll explore all of our options.”

Guthrie also wondered if Krebs was worried about his safety, adding that this was not the first death threat associated with this election campaign.

“You know, I’m not going to give you the advantage of knowing how I react to that,” he declared. – But they know there are things.

DiGenova, for his part, now insists that his remarks should not be construed as a death threat or a call for violence.

“Anyone who heard the interview knows it was obviously a joke intended to be a joke,” diGenova told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “Of course, I wish Mr. Krebs did no harm.”

When Tim Murtaugh, the campaign’s communications director, commented, he forwarded diGenova’s remarks that his remarks were “joked” and “hyperbolicized in political actors,” he attributed the statement to DiGenova himself.

Jason Miller, senior advisor at the Trump campaign, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that diGenova was a “valuable member of our legal team” and “clearly joked” with his inflammatory comments.

While the Trump campaign seemed to have no problem with their lawyer’s violent rhetoric, the White House declined to comment on the outspoken lawyer.

“This statement was extremely incorrect,” said Alyssa Farah, White House’s director of communications he told CNN’s anchor, Jake Tapper, on Tuesday.