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Former General Matthew Whitaker leaves the Ministry of Justice

Matthew Whitaker was a chief prosecutor who left the Ministry of Justice, a spokesman confirmed on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Kerri Kupec's spokesman, Whitaker's last day, was on Saturday. It is not clear what your next career will be.

Whitaker was formerly Chief of Staff of Jeff Sessions, and in November, after the appointment of President Trump's Presidential Officer, he was appointed a lawyer who gave Sessions an obvious response to retreat from Russia. Whitaker was removed from his position on February 14, when William Barr swore as chief prosecutor.


After his removal, Whitaker became an advisor at the associate's law firm.

Whitaker, a former Iowa public prosecutor with the Bush administration, allegedly drew President Trump's attention to the criticism of the Mueller investigation as he appeared on television and radio as a political commentator.

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Whitaker was criticized by the Democrat when he was a prosecutor acting under the testimony of the House Judicial Committee, who claimed that his answers were deliberately unclear. Whitaker agreed to return to the House Justice Committee to clarify his testimony, which Charman Jerrold Nadler considered "unsatisfactory, incomplete, or contradictory."

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