Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 adds Yoda Baby and Mandalorian

Following the cataclysmic event starring Galactus supervillain a Fortnite it’s almost here. Chapter 2: Season 5 has been dubbed the “zero point” and this involves bringing together hunters from different realities to fight the “loop”. Most importantly, one such hunter is the Mandalorian, always accompanied by Yoda Baby (aka Grogu).

While the previous season was entirely Marvel-themed, there are plenty of new originals in Season 5 Fortnite characters next to the famous Star Wars bounty hunter. Those who purchase this year’s battle pass will be able to unlock characters like an ancient warrior and a sci-fi hunter that rips from Tsutomu Nihei’s manga. There’s also a creature called “Mancake the Flingjack Flapjack” that feels great Fortnite. (After all, that game gave Peely the banana.)

Outside of the characters, there are new locations, including a jungle area and a sci-fi desert caused by the exploding zero point. That wouldn’t be a new season either Fortnite without new weapons: Season 5 additions include Dragon’s Breath shotgun, Mandalorian’s Amban sniper rifle, and Night Hawk to help you keep track of your opponents.

Apart from these additions, the biggest change seems to be a new mission structure. The Epic developer describes:

Help with renting

As a hunter, it is his duty to help the characters of the Island in an unstable new reality. Take on their missions and rewards, gain intelligence about your environment, or hire them as allies. You don’t want to negotiate? Challenge them to a duel and enjoy the rewards.

Spend your salary

The new characters only accept one payment method: bars! Find bars by completing quests and rewards, excluding players, or finding hidden hidden places around the island. Fill won bars for new exotic weapons, upgrades, intelligence, features and more.

Epic “teased even more hunters from beyond reality,” suggesting more licensed characters are on the way. Considering that the company has worked with everyone since Marvel Star Wars To DC to the NFL for musicians like Travis Scott and Marshmello, these “hunters” can be anyone.

The update is not yet live, but in general Fortnite the seasons start around 3 p.m.