Fortnite Galactus Event Summary: Here’s what happened during the live event

The Fortnite Galactus event is over at Fortnite: Battle Royale, which virtually ends Season 4. Playlists were disabled so players could join the only option: Destroyer of Worlds, which asked players to “Protect the island to save all realities!” This event marked the long-awaited arrival of Galactus, the planet-eating cosmic antagonist at the center of this year’s Marvel-themed grievous bodily harm, paving the way for the start of Fortnite: Season 5, which is on for hours.

Joining the playlist initially transported the players to the helicopter, where they killed time by fulfilling emotions and gliding. When the countdown clock finally became zero, an alarm began to ring briefly, and shortly thereafter, the Galactus flared up. He came out of sight, headed for the island, and showed himself to be even greater than he had ever appeared before. Ascending above the island, he finally came into clear view. Glowing red eyes held out his fist and announced, “Caution! I’m hungry!” Lightning strikes and thunder ensued, then shook his fist, destroying the helicopter and sending the players into free fall. From here, he is rescued by Iron Man, who gives him a jetpack and says he needs to stop the Galactus from consuming Zero Point. The Iron Man flies away, and Galactus stretches his fingers over the island, drawing strength from Zero Point torn from the ground.


The view then cuts inside a combat bus flying in the air amid a huge bus fleet. Iron Man says he cloned billions of these and turned them into bombs, with the goal of Galactus eating and sending as much as possible. You can then control the bus and your weapons as you shoot at the incoming drones as you move towards the Galactus in the middle of space. Thor briefly showed up to help, just like Wolverine, when you switched to an attack that was something like the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron game.

Once he was close enough, Galactus sucked in the buses and cracks began to appear all over his body, firing green light out of his mouth and cracks. He pulls back and disappears through the space crack, and the camera cuts to the phone ringing in the office while Fortnite’s mascot figure, Jonesy, can be awakened. This will be followed by a “sequel to Season 5” message, confirming that Season 5 will begin on December 2 at 12 noon ET.

Epic says Fortnite doesn’t provide a replay of the event, so if you wanted to watch it later, you should watch the video above. The event was broadcast by many on Twitch and elsewhere, although the use of the AC / DC song at one point forced the broadcasters to mute the broadcast. Epic has warned presenters that there may be potential copyright issues at the event.

This event lays the groundwork for Season 5, but it turns out he can’t play any more until Season 5 starts overnight. This is because Fortnite has been taken offline, making it unplayable. Starting the game is a countdown to the new season and your only option is to exit.

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