Fox News presenter Shreds election fraud claims earlier on network hours

Fox News presenter Eric Shawn responded to Donald Trump’s allegations of election fraud on Sunday afternoon, pointing out that there is no evidence to support the allegation that the illegal behavior distorted the favor of his democratic opponent.

Intertwining additional comments with an interview Axios Shawn noted that political reporter Hans Nichols, who had focused on a conversation with Fox Business presenter Maria Bartiromo hours earlier, noted that the president’s efforts to challenge the election results have resonated widely.

“We seem to have a president who can’t embrace his brain or mind on the fact that he can’t process the fact that someone he thinks is so inferior to him has won the election,” Fox said. anchor after initially referring to the remarks of critics who “say.” [Trump’s] the claims are unsupported, reckless and inflammatory. “

Speaking to Bartiromo on Sunday morning, Trump reiterated unsubstantiated allegations that undermine the outcome of the contest during his first televised interview since the election. While dealing with his campaign efforts to question election proceedings in court, Trump has undermined a number of allegations that echoed those that his legal team and himself often shared on social media.

Trump suggested dropping the votes cast by Republican voters in parts of the country where the majority of support went to Joe Biden, and after November 3, “mass votes” were illegally gathered. interview.

“All of this despite his campaign failing to prove it in court,” Shawn pointed out during his afternoon session. “In fact, his government, election officials are experts, and others, including many Republicans, including officials appointed by Trump, say the president’s allegations are false and unsubstantiated.”

The president’s re-election campaign has launched a number of lawsuits against U.S. election departments alleging misconduct and deliberate manipulation in increasingly confused legal complaints as the weeks progress. While Trump, his campaign, and the permanent group of lawyers representing the lawsuits continue to insist that clear evidence is available to support their allegations, none has materialized in court.

Trump’s many of Bartiromo’s Sunday morning statements are easily refuted. He claimed, for example, that ballot papers drawn up on election night after the initial aggregation report indicated illegal proceedings.

“He’s just taking a look … at every momentum we’re talking about, and they’ve made those huge votes,” Trump said. “And all of a sudden I went from a lot of victories to a little loss.”

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump will make a statement at the White House on Nov. 26 in Washington DC. Following a Sunday morning interview with Fox President Maria Bartiromo, in which he repeated evidence of election fraud, one of Fox’s anchors rejected his allegations at an afternoon stage.
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Shawn checked this comment in the later Fox News segment.

“Officials say these are not illegal landfills,” he explained. “It’s just an inventory of the many letters re-introduced into the computer system.”

Trump appeared to be an early leader in some vibrant states, such as Georgia, where ballots gathered shortly after the ballots ended and were presented by Republicans with a majority vote. However, as election workers continued to chart the missing ballots, the seat of the incumbent president narrowed. In Georgia, the influx of postcards counted after election day ultimately gave Biden a marginal advantage.

Newsweek Trump turned to the campaign for a comment but did not receive a timely response to the post.