French President Emmanuel Macron received a coronavirus

French President Emmanuel Macron became the latest world leader in the coronavirus on Thursday as Europe fights a recovery in infections in pre-Christmas countries.

The Élysée Palace, Macron’s official residence, confirmed in a statement that it was tested immediately when symptoms appeared. All your planned trips, including the Lebanese trip, have been canceled.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became the first Western leader to get the virus in April and spend a week in a London hospital. He was followed by other presidents, including President Donald Trump, who received hospital treatment in October.

Macron is isolated for seven days and continues to work remotely, Élysée said in a statement.

The French president has led a typically busy schedule over the past week, in close contact with senior French and European politicians.

On Wednesday, he met with the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, for a joint press conference and working lunch at the Élysée. In the pictures of the meeting, both men are in a close relationship.

Spanish President Pedro Sanchez will be isolated for 10 days after meeting with Macron at an event in Paris on Monday, his office said.

Brigitte Macron, the president’s wife, is isolated but experiencing no symptoms, he confirmed in a statement from his office.

French President Emmanuel Macron, traveling to the left, will receive Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa in the courtyard of Elysee Palace on Wednesday.Francois Mori / AP

Barely six days ago, Macron, one of the key figures in the European Union, was at the European Council meeting in Brussels with the bloc’s top actors and leaders from all 26 member states. Élysée’s statement does not state when Macron began to experience symptoms.

The European Commission said on Thursday that its president, Ursula Von Der Leyen, would not be isolated as a result of Macron’s positive test.

France, like the rest of Western Europe, suffered severely during the pandemic, with more than 2.4 million cases and nearly 60,000 deaths in a country of 67 million.

Macron announced the austerity in October, hoping to reduce new daily incidents to 5,000 a day, warning it could kill 400,000 people without further action.

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Data from Oxford University more than doubled the number of new infections on Wednesday, to more than 12,000.

Mass test centers have been set up in two cities in hopes of curbing the flow of new cases.

Reuters contributed to the report.