Gabriel Sterling says Jon Ossoff is likely to prevail in Georgia

One of Georgia’s top election officials said he was certainly confident that David Perdue would be won by Jon Ossoff, a 33-year-old media leader who posed an unlikely challenge to a sitting senator.

“Ossoff is likely to be the senator,” Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s chief election official, said at a news conference on Wednesday morning.

In his briefing, Mr Sterling said it was also likely that Ossoff’s victory would exceed the 1 per cent difference, triggering a recount in the Georgian election.

Mr Ossoff is currently leading Mr Perdue by more than 17,500 votes after Tuesday’s Senate election, in which more than 4.4 million voters cast their ballots, a record in Georgia.

Just over 60,000 votes are still counted, with the largest ranking being the Democratic or Democratically inclined counties in the Atlanta metro area. This includes DeKalb (17,902 votes); Henry (9,078); Fulton (5294); and Gwinnett (5068).

The remaining votes are largely missing votes that were either delivered by mail or put in drum boxes on Tuesday during the day, said Mr Sterling, who says he expects most of them to be counted by 1 p.m.

During the briefing, Mr Sterling, a former Republican political operative, said there was no evidence of any irregularities in the Senate election and reiterated his frustration with President Trump, who he accused of “launching a civil war in the GOP”. this had to be combined to take part in such a tough fight. ”