Georgia Sec. Trump “Thrown Under Bus”

After weeks of headaches with his Republican counterparts, Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has accused President Trump of throwing him “under the bus” in a column released Wednesday.

Georgia had “smooth” and “successful” November elections, Raffensperger wrote in an article in USA Today, noting that the state “finally broke the ballot.”

Georgia will repay the signature matching, which is impossible regardless of demand

“Georgians need to celebrate this, regardless of whether their preferred presidential candidate has won or lost,” he claimed. “Whoever is curious, mine is lost – my family voted for him, donated to him, and now he’s throwing them under the bus.”

An official from the peach state said he “fought to maintain the integrity of the election” in his state and it doesn’t matter where the attacks came from.

While the U.S. election must be conducted impartially and impartially, Raffensperger added, “some don’t seem to see it that way,” including the president’s campaign. “People on both sides of the hallway sparked controversy out of nowhere to stir up trouble.”

Raffensperger accused the “beneficiaries” of the election process of tearing this apart by undermining the credibility of Georgia’s manual control, which concluded, as did the automated original counting, that the president-elect, Joe Biden, was the winner.

“In times of uncertainty, when the integrity of our political system is most at stake, the integrity of our politicians is paramount,” he wrote.

“Many of my fellow Republicans are impeccable men and women,” Raffensperger added. “They demonstrate every day: they fight for their constituents, they fight for freedom, and they fight for fair and reliable elections.”

Workers will be scanning ballots when the Fulton County presidential recount begins Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at the Georgia Georgia Convention Center in Atlanta. The recount was requested by President Donald Trump after losing the state by 12,670 votes, 0.25%, to Democrat Joe Biden, according to proven results. (AP photo / Ben Gray)

“In times like these, we need leaders of integrity to guide us,” he concluded.

Trump supported Raffensperger’s nomination in the 2018 midterm elections, tweeted two years ago that “he will be a fantastic Georgian secretary of state.”

However, the secretary rejected the January offer to honorary co-chair of the Georgia Trump campaign, saying the president’s public support would be a conflict of interest, ProPublica reported a week ago.

Last week, Raffensperger reported receiving threatening messages after the president and others questioned his work and urged him to resign.

“Georgia’s foreign minister, the so-called Republican (RINO), is not letting people who check ballots see their fraud signatures. Why?” the president asked via Twitter earlier this month. “Without it, the whole process is very unfair and almost pointless. Everyone knows we won the state. Where is @BrianKempGA?”

Raffensperger told The New York Times he expects criticism, but not “[his] own lines. “


The Trump campaign called for a recount of Georgia’s votes over the weekend, and Raffensperger clashed again over demands for signature compliance to play a major role.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, this is not possible because emergency rules to protect voters ’privacy require ballots to be separated from their outer envelopes, where the signature is, after the first check.

About 5 million ballot papers will have to be recounted and the state will have to complete the task by December 8th.