Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said he got under the bus despite Trump’s support

Like many before him, the Secretary of State of Georgia learned very quickly that allegiance to President Donald Trump only leads in one direction. In an opinion article prepared for him USA ma, Brad Raffensperger wrote that Trump had betrayed him, despite his unwavering support for the president. “In any case, Georgia had a wildly successful and smooth choice. Eventually, we overcame the voting lines and put behind us the infamous reputation of Fulton County because of the catastrophic election. ”Wrote Raffensperger. “Georgians need to celebrate this, regardless of whether their favorite presidential candidate has won or lost. Anyone who is curious is mine – my family voted for him, donated to him, and now he is throwing them under the bus. Trump and his allies harassed the Republican because he refused to play along with their theories of voter fraud conspiracy.

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