Georgia’s foreign minister is launching an investigation into voter registration groups

Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger (Georgia) announced on Monday that he would launch an investigation into third-party voting groups that allegedly encourage people outside of Georgia to register for the January Senate election.

At a press conference, Raffensperger named four groups he will examine: the American Votes, the Forwarding of Votes, the New Georgia Project, and the New Voter Registration Georgia operation.

“We have launched an investigation into a group called America Votes, which is sending missing ballot papers to people whose addresses have not lived since 1994,” Raffensperger said.

In a statement to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, America Votes said it had sent letters to those on the voting list maintained by the Raffensperger office.

“We are pleased that so many Georgians have applied to vote by e-mail to continue our work so that all voices can be heard in January,” the group said.

Republican-owned Sens. David PerdueGeorgia Secretary of State David Perdue has launched an investigation into voter registration groups. Trump Jr.’s assistant managers are launching a super PAC to persuade the president’s supporters to vote in Georgia. and Kelly LoefflerFive facts about the Georgian Senate procession from Trump: “I’m ashamed of myself for supporting” Kemp, Georgia Ossoff warns McConnell would cause paralysis in federal government if GOP MORE hold Senate On January 5, he will face respect for the Georgian Democrats, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. The outcome of the two races determines which party controls the senate.

Raffensperger accused Vote Forward of trying to register a dead woman in Alabama as a Georgian voter, The New Georgia Project by sending registration forms to people in New York, and the New Voter Registration Georgia operation by telling college students to temporarily change their place of residence in Georgia.

“The vote in Georgia is a serious crime and the encouragement of college children to commit crimes, regardless of [it] may mean contempt for them. It is the responsibility of these third parties not to encourage illegal voting. If they do, they will be held accountable, ”Raffensperger said.

State voting system manager Gabriel Sterling said he assumes the groups will claim these events as legitimate or accidental.

“But that’s why you’re investigating,” Sterling said.

Sterling said 940,000 Georgians had already requested an absentee ballot for the outgoing election, while 1.3 million Georgians had requested a missing ballot for the November 3 election.

The results of the Georgian presidential election have been challenged several times President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump rages against ’60 minutes’ for interview with Krebs Cornyn spox: Neera Tanden has’ no chance ‘to confirm as Biden’s OMB-elect Pa legislator was informed of the positive coronavirus test while meeting Trump: MORE REPORT and its allies.

Raffensperger, who said he voted for Trump, stuck to the results and rejected claims that Georgia’s voting system allowed a fraudulent result. So far, ballot checks have been carried out and a manual recount has been carried out, both of which have confirmed the President-elect. Joe BidenJoe BidenTrump rages against ’60 minutes’ in an interview with Krebs Cornyn spox: Neera Tanden has’ no chance ‘to confirm as Biden’s OMB learns five facts about the Georgian Senate as a winner.

On Monday, for the fifth time, Trump’s campaign asked for the signatures on ballot papers to be verified. Governor of Georgia Brian KempBrian KempTrump: “I’m ashamed of being supported” Kemp in Georgia Trump deals with pandemic but not elections due to annual turkey pardon Chris Christie: Trump’s legal team MORE “nationally embarrassed” (R) also supported sample testing of signatures.

Trump last week told reporters he was traveling to Georgia to support GOP candidates in that election.