Georgia’s GOP Secretary of State says Trump “threw” his family “on the bus despite being voted for

Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger released a briefing on Wednesday, pointing out that he and his family voted for and donated to President Donald Trump, but the president still “threw them under the bus.”

Trump approved Raffensperger, a Republican, before the 2018 election in Georgia. In recent weeks, as it became clear that Georgia had turned blue for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump and his supporters had repeatedly attacked Raffensperger, as well as other Republican officials in the southern state. Against significant criticism and death threats, GOP election officials insisted on abiding by the law and ensuring the integrity of their state’s results.

“In any case, Georgia had wildly successful and smooth elections. We finally overcame the voting lines and put behind us the infamous reputation of Fulton County because of the catastrophic elections. This is what Georgians must celebrate, regardless of whether their preferred presidential candidate has won or lost,” Raffensperger wrote in an article in USA Today, “My family voted for Trump. He put us under the bus anyway.”

“Whoever is curious, mine is lost – my family voted for him, donated to him, and now he’s throwing them under the bus,” he added.

Brad Raffensperger
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger will speak on stage in 2020 for the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Service at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on January 20 in Atlanta. As it became apparent that Georgia was turning blue for Joe Biden, Trump and his supporters repeatedly attacked Raffensperger, as well as other Republican officials in the southern state.
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Raffensperger pointed out that elections are “the cornerstones of our democracy,” stating that “they must be conducted fairly and, more importantly, impartially.” While noting that this should not be a “partisan” view, the Republican official wrote that “some do not seem to see it that way.”

“In the coming days, a losing presidential campaign refused to accept the facts after a failed governor-general wrote a game book two years ago. A failed Senate candidate who had nothing to do tried to undermine the integrity of Georgia’s election.” “Raffensperger explained.” The attack on false news and unrepentant disinformation threatened to tear apart the fabric of our country. People on both sides of the corridor sparked controversy out of nowhere to stir up trouble. “

Newsweek commented on the Trump campaign and the White House, but they did not respond immediately.

Although more than two weeks ago, on November 7, Biden and Kamala Harris, elected vice presidents, were declared the winners, Trump refused to agree. Until Monday, Emily Murphy, who oversees General Services Administration’s oversight, has appointed Biden’s team to begin a formal transition process. But after telling Georgia’s hand and verifying the results in Michigan, Murphy admitted that Biden was the apparent winner.

Nevertheless, Trump and his lawyers continue to make unfounded allegations of widespread fraud as the president’s campaign continues to raise funds from supporters as they shot down the election results. Although the campaign has filed lawsuits in several states, the president’s legal team has not provided evidence to substantiate their allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

Georgia’s leaders have repeatedly refuted the unsubstantiated claims of Trump and his allies. They explained that the election was a success and that there was no evidence to support the overwhelming demands of the president and his lawyers. In an interview with CNN this week, Republican Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s election execution manager, raised concerns that Trump’s criticism could undermine two GOP Senate candidates in the January 5 runoff against democratic challengers.

“One of the things I’m personally worried about now … is a distraction at this point,” Sterling said. The Republican official pointed out that a friend had received several text messages from Democrats explaining how to ask for an absentee ballot in front of absentees, but only messages asking for donations from the Trump campaign.

“OK [the Trump campaign] you have to do the main thing, the most important thing, ”Sterling said. “The most important thing for them now is the U.S. Senate competition.” “