Georgia’s recount begins Tuesday

Trump is legally entitled to request a recount, with county and state offices bearing the costs. But Trump and his allies tried to go beyond the recount by demanding verification of the signatures on the postal ballot envelopes. This is part of the general effort to overthrow the results of lost elections, which is yes it largely fails before courts and election officials in key states without Trump or his attorneys presenting evidence of systemic fraud or misconduct.

Submit your ballot signatures in Georgia checked twice during the absent procedure, when the voter initially requests a ballot paper and on the outer envelope when the ballot paper is returned, however, the envelope is then separated from the ballot paper to ensure the confidentiality of the vote.

The recount will only examine these signatures on ballot envelopes if ordered by the court or if there is a special investigative reason to do so, Sherman said. He also questioned what verification of these signatures would accomplish.

“It simply came to our notice then at first sight evidence that a problem has occurred. And there’s no concrete evidence that anyone brought it to us, that anyone did anything wrong, ”Sherman said at a news conference Monday. “It’s a bad precedent unless we find a legal path that has concrete evidence roots.”

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger he faced withering criticism from the president and other Republicans because he defended the integrity of the election as Trump substantiates the baseless allegations of fraud. Raffensperger said his family received threats, Sherman, who is also a Republican, said it happened to him.