Georgia’s Supreme Court rejects Trump’s latest election appeal

ATLANTA (AP) – President Donald Trump has lost his latest legal challenge to overthrow Georgia’s election results after the state’s Supreme Court dismissed the case of Trump’s campaign and David Shafer, the president of the Georgian Republican Party, late Saturday.

The lawsuit, similar to the Trump team’s other legal challenges that made unfounded allegations of widespread fraud during Georgia’s presidential election, was originally filed on Dec. 4 and then dismissed by Fulton County Supreme Court because the papers were incorrectly completed and missing appropriate submission. fees.

The case was then referred directly to the state Supreme Court, asking judges to examine the case before Monday’s meeting of the Electoral College. The lawyers wrote in a brief order that “the petitioners have not shown that this is one of the extremely rare cases that would invoke our original jurisdiction”.

This is the latest legal setback in the president’s efforts to overthrow the election results. It was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday A lawsuit backed by Trump aimed at overthrowing Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory, a move that put an end to a desperate attempt by state and federal judges to dismiss legal issues before the country’s Supreme Court.

Even when lawsuits brought by Trump and his allies were dismissed across the country, the president continued to make unfounded demands for widespread fraud. In Georgia, he has criticized Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp, both Republican comrades.

Raffensperger steadfastly defended the integrity of the election in the state, and Kemp stated he had no power to intervene in the election.

The results verified by Raffensperger last month showed that Biden led by 12,670 votes, or 0.25% of the roughly 5 million votes cast. A check by counting the ballot papers in the book also showed that Biden had won.

Last week, Raffensberger re-validated the state’s election results after the recount requested by Trump reaffirmed that Biden had won the state and then the governor re-validated the state’s 16 presidential voters.

“We have now counted the votes cast legally three times and the results remain unchanged,” Raffensperger said at a news conference at the State Capitol.