Ghislaine Maxwell is woken up in prison every 15 minutes: lawyers

Ghislaine Maxwell’s accused child abuser was raised every 15 minutes by a flashlight in her cell to make sure she didn’t kill herself as Jeffrey Epstein – and exposed to more serious circumstances than the prison’s most dangerous prisoners, the federal office wrote in a letter on Tuesday.

“They are being overtaken under stricter conditions than the detainees in 10South, the narrowest unit of the MCC; or persons convicted of terrorism and fatal murder and detained in the most restrictive facility operated by the BOP, the FCI Florence ADMAX, ”the petition states.

The letter is a response to Monday’s statement from federal prosecutors informing the judge that Maxwell was in horror with COVID-19 after potentially coming into contact with infected staff at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and being quarantined.

A letter from the government stating that Maxwell had tested the virus negatively claimed that it had been treated more favorably than other prisoners.

But British corporate lawyer Bobbi Sternheim wrote that the exact opposite was true and shook off a long list of complaints about the circumstances of his admission.

In a letter to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan, they say Maxwell had to endure two nostrils under threat of 21 days of quarantine if he refused – and was never informed of the results.

“Miss. Maxwell was instructed to remove the COVID protective mask for oral testing, further risking exposure to the virus,” Sternheim wrote.

Maxwell was originally quarantined without soap and toothbrushes, and medical staff stopped their daily checkups since the isolation, the leaf whines.

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.
The Metropolitan Detention Center in BrooklynREUTERS

While staff were not allowed to enter Maxwell’s cell during quarantine, an unknown man entered to take photos of him and a guard to conduct research, the lawyer wrote.

Sternheim said the situation was not better before quarantine.

“Miss. Maxwell spent it entirely [sic] de facto pre-trial detention in solitary confinement in the most stringent circumstances, where they are searched excessively and invasively and monitored 24 hours a day, ”the letter said.

In addition to the camera in his cell, another device records his every move when he leaves, even during personal legal visits, according to the petition.

“And despite uninterrupted intracellular camera surveillance, Ms. Maxwell’s sleep is interrupted every 15 minutes when a flashlight wakes her up to determine if she is breathing,” Sternheim wrote.

The letter asks the judge to invite Major Heriberto Tellez to a full account of the “differential treatment”.

Maxwell is being held on bail while awaiting trial, on charges that he thought of underage girls being abused by him and Epstein.

His lawyers wrote in an earlier letter that they are facing particularly difficult circumstances to ensure he does not suffer the same fate as Epstein, who committed suicide in custody in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.