Giants leave Bengals for apparent leg injury to Daniel Jones, Colt McCoy enters the game


Not many people knew who the New York Giants reserve quarterback was, but now they do. The question is answered by Colt McCoy, who entered the fight against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 12 in the third quarter after Daniel Jones left to assess an apparent leg injury – described as a possible thigh muscle injury. Jones was injured in a scramble when he tried to stand after the gear, but eventually fell back onto the lawn. He is currently being reviewed by Giants medical staff and McCoy has taken the reins in a tight game.

The loss of Jones for any length of time is a serious blow to the Giants, who entered Week 12 with the opportunity to take the lead in the NFC East. He lost all world champions, Saquon Barkley, earlier in the season, and it’s long been Jones ’responsibility to bear the burden offensively. This work is up to McCoy until further notice, but the veteran QB is no stranger to such a thing.

After spending last season with the Washington Football Team, McCoy was often asked to join and keep his competitive team – this is what kind of experienced head coach Joe Judge loves. As for Jones, time will tell if he can return to this race a second time after he’s tried but can’t complete the illness.

This is an evolving story.