‘Go, build a snowman’: The supervisor announces a month, the internet is flooding with tears of joy

Most children cheer when they advertise a month – closing schools in Jefferson County, West Virginia has sparked an emotional reaction.

A local supervisor turned the announcement of schools closing due to a nearby snowstorm into a teachable, emotional moment.

Bondy Shay Gibson is the superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools in West Virginia. Adjacent to Loudoun County, Virginia, Gibson took note of meteorologists ’forecast for a major snowstorm and sent a notice to the community that schools would close on Wednesday.

For generations, families have welcomed the first month of the year. A renewed time of wonder in every season. A reminder of how fleeting a childhood can be. An opportunity to remind your memories of your family and keep them forever.

While school closures always bring a lot of happiness to children, Gibson’s announcement had a particularly shocking ability during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

The seemingly endless loss and the stress we were trying to make up for was the year of that loss. For a moment, we can all let go of the worry of making up for many missing things by making sure this is what our children are not losing this year.

Gibson did not mention homework – or shoveling snow – in a letter to children, their parents and co-workers.

So please enjoy a day of sledding, hot chocolate and cozy fires. Take pictures of your kids in a snow hat that will grow out of them next year, and read books in which he wanted to lose himself but didn’t have time for it yet. On Thursday, we return to the serious and urgent venture to grow up, but tomorrow – let’s go build a snowman.

The news of the day is not appropriate for parents who think their children need to attend and study classes, and for parents who need to work.

Gibson’s letter has largely elicited positive reactions in social media.

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