GOP House victory shows some Dem voters “connect the dots” on the liberal left, says lawmaker

U.S. Republican candidates have shattered expectations in the 2020 election, in part because a GOP spokesman said the Independents and some Democratic voters “linked the points” between liberal democratic governance and the economic deterioration of their community.

California Republican Tom McClintock of California, a Republican in the Sacramento district, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee on Fox News’s “Hannity,” said people in the liberal and democratic districts saw with their own hands why left-wing politics failed them.

He said that in many places where there is a unified leftist stance over political power, voters often leave rampant homelessness, high taxes, failed public schools, unemployment and skyrocketing energy costs.


“This is what the democratic left provides,” he said, adding that many voters in his country have recognized the problem.

“And I think Californians have had enough of that, and I think Americans across the country look at places like California and New York and say we don’t want to go there,” McClintock continued, pointing out two otherwise democratic citadel. where Republican houses accounted for the largest profits.

“That’s why the elections in Georgia are so important,” he added, pointing to the state where two U.S. Senate election elections on January 5 will determine the control of the chamber.

In New York, National Assembly lady Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican who was a candidate for her party against Bill de Blasio in New York City’s 2017 mayoral election, U.S. MP Max Rose, DN.Y.


With this, the Staten Island legislature became the only Republican congressman in New York.

In McClintock, California, several Republicans are winning fierce tournaments, including elected representative David Valadao of California, whose victory was announced by host Tammy Bruce during “Hannity.”

In the rest of the state, elected MPs Young Kim and Michelle Steel have defeated their challengers in democratic office as the GOP has taken a stand on the ranks of the House, despite forecasts, and will lose about a dozen net seats.