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GOP reps Michael Cohen to DOJ for alleged counterfeiting during hearing

Home Inspection Committee Republicans On Thursday the ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen of the Ministry of Justice of the alleged offense, claiming to have lied under oath before testimony of the panel one day earlier on a number of issues, including the aspirations of the Trump administration and contracts with foreign organizations.

Jim Jordan, R-Ohio and RN.C. RN. Wednesday.


"We note that there is strong evidence that Michael Cohen has made a conviction and deliberately made false declarations before hearing the Supervisory and Reform Committee," he wrote. "While he is under oath, Mr. Cohen has made a number of deliberate and deliberate false material facts that contradict Cohen's view of the US Department of Justice.

He added, "Mr. Cohen's testimony to the committee occasionally contradicted the statements contained in the submissions made by the law firm of the Southern District of New York (SDNY). There are other cases when Mr Cohen's statements to the committee immediately contradicted witnesses who know the subject firsthand. "

Cohen had previously been guilty of congratulations to Congress on statements made to the former Senate Committee.


Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, said on Thursday that his client was justifying the committee.

"He assumed full responsibility for the guilty grounds of the sinner. He proved his proven testimony with many documents," Davis said. "It may not be surprising that two well-known Trump committee members have unfounded criminal proceedings.

Jordan and Meadows wrote several allegedly false statements on Wednesday.

It was claimed that "he never cheated any bank", in contrast to Cohen's law enforcement agreement, which referred to "crimes".

In addition to the false declarations of congresses, Cohen found guilty of the five numbers of tax fraud, a false statement to the bank, a number of unlawful corporate contributions, and a series of excessive campaign contributions.

"This point – Mr. Cohen's guilt for the bank's fraud – has a significant impact on the credibility of the committee," the legislature wrote.

Jordan and Meadows claimed that Cohen had made false statements about his efforts to work in the White House, either in the Trump administration.

"Mr Cohen has repeatedly testified that, after the election of President Trump, he did not seek work in the White House," he wrote, "This is obviously material and deliberate."

During the hearing, Jordan blasted Cohen, claiming that he had turned to President Trump because he hadn't stopped at the White House. However, Cohen denied this and said he wanted to be "the president's personal lawyer."

"I got exactly what I wanted," Cohen said.

After the exchange, the President's sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, who were on Twitter, claiming that Cohen was "enthusiastic ALL to be the" boss boss "and" the biggest joke of the whole transition ".

The letter also quoted a former Detective Detective Bo Dietl from New York, who said Cohen "repeatedly" told him "very angry and nervous" that he would not get a job at the White House.

The GOP's legislators also quoted Cohen's failure to list foreign contracts on the "truth and testimony" form that he had to complete before the trial.

Additionally, Republicans have testified to Stormy Daniels about incredible cash payments, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. It was claimed that while Cohen testified that "a good lawyer who understood the need to present his client with appropriate legal advice," he also said that he had paid Daniels "without disturbing whether this was inappropriate, much less that was this the right thing.

Jordan and Meadows also said Cohen had made a false statement about his involvement in creating a Twitter account, @WomenForCohen. Cohen, on Wednesday, claimed not to have created an account and someone from RedFinch.

"We were having fun during the stressful time," Cohen said on Wednesday.

Republicans opposed Cohen's allegedly asking someone to create an account to "raise his profile".

The letter said that Cohen's testimony was "a spectacular and terrible attempt to deliberately and deliberately testify to a number of essential facts". It was claimed that the testimony was "deliberately false declarations aimed at a better look at a national stage", adding: "Mr. Cohen's preliminary conviction of an increased lie on Congress is worthy of having repeatedly testified before Congress. "

Fox News "Mike Emanuel contributed to this report.

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