Governor Beshear is the deadliest day, most cases in one day

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) – Governor Andy Beshear has reported the most reported cases in a single day and the deadliest in Kentucky since the start of the pandemic.

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The governor announced 4151 new cases, 461 of which were children. This is the most reported case in one day. The positivity rate is 9.59%.

– There is no way to involve sugar. Today is the worst day we have reported the spread of the coronavirus, and it is the deadliest day it has been today. “Governor Beshear said.” It’s an exponential growth. If we don’t all do our best, if we try to be an exception, the slowdown in this thing isn’t going to go and we’re losing a lot more Kentucky people we love and care about.

There have also been 35 new deaths in Kentucky, the deadliest day to date.

Governor Beshear said one of the new deaths today was a 37-year-old man from the Lee Adjustment Center.

At least 183,168 Kentucky people were infected with the virus. The number of fatalities is now 1943.

28,486 people recovered from the virus and 2,816,183 Kentucky patients were tested.

The governor still reported a record number of people in the hospital, the intensive care unit and on the ventilators. There are currently 1,777 in the hospital, 441 in the intensive care unit and 241 in the ventilators.

“COVID is spreading like wildfire and taking a record number of people away from us. with a record number of people infected out there. That is why we are fighting back. That’s why we try to be aggressive and not wait for it to dominate us, but try to curb this third wave, just like the first two. Not to surrender and accept unacceptable deaths, ”Beshear said.

Governor Beshear also spoke of an epidemic at the Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore, saying a veteran who was previously thought to have recovered from the virus had died.

“This is a total of 31 veteran deaths due to COVID-19 at THVC. Simply heartbreaking. We still have two active COVID-19 cases among THVC veterans, ”Governor Beshear said. “Plus, the veteran who became the first active case of COVID-19 at Hanson’s Western Kentucky Veterans Center has since died. We need to do more as a community to protect these heroes. “

The governor also announced that the state will release an additional $ 50 million from the CARES Act to reimburse city and county governments for expenses related to COVID-19.

“Our local governments played a life-giving role in our communities during the pandemic,” Governor Beshear said. “If that $ 50 million that we think will arrive in a month is exhausted, we’ll need more help from the federal government.”

In addition, Mark Carter, a policy advisor to the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, also updated Kentucky residents on their efforts to track contact. He highlighted successes such as 215,000 logins per day with COVID-19 positive residents to monitor symptoms from more than 1,600 contact staff. Carter also announced that the cabinet has contacted more than 47,000 people who have been identified as contacts who are potentially exposed to the virus.

However, Carter also stressed the need for greater state cooperation.

“The public health strategy for finding connections depends on broad public participation – working with local health departments when a tracer calls, wearing masks, social distance and testing,” Carter said. “We simply didn’t have enough audience participation, and the resulting surge exceeded our ability to track contact.

Kentucky COVID-19 numbers 12/1(WYMT)

On Tuesday, 114 of 120 counties are in the red zone on the state’s COVID-19 incidence rate map.

Here you can see how your county is currently standing.

If you have any questions about the Kentucky coronavirus, call the state COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-722-5725.

For more information, including protecting your family, visit Kentucky’s official COVID-19 website:

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