Governor Jared Polis positively tests the coronavirus

Updated 21:15

The Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, and the first gentleman, Marlon Reis, gave a positive result for COVID-19 in both cases. The governor said both are asymptomatic and are now isolated at home.

“Marlon and I have had a good time so far and are in a good mood,” Polis said in a statement. “No one or family is vulnerable to this virus. I ask all koloradani to take care, limit public interactions, wear a public mask, stay six meters away from others, and wash their hands regularly.

The governor’s positive test result occurs when Colorado has jumped significantly in COVID-19 cases. According to state models, one in 41 residents is thought to be contagious.

Polis had already self-quarantined him afterwards tweeted the day before Thanksgiving that he was exposed to a person who tested positive for coronavirus. Polis said it was tested that night and the results were negative. An announcement at the time mentioned close observation and retesting in the following days.

Legislators are scheduled to attend a special session on Monday, November 30th. The meeting was called by Polis to address the state of relief from the pandemic. From now on, the meeting is scheduled, with most legislators attending in person.

Legislative leaders say two MPs recently tested COVID-19 positively, although one – Meg Froelich, a Democratic MP for Englewood – received a negative test today, 10 days after his positive result.

Froelich said he received a test when he began to feel his symptoms and a family member proved positive. Several close people gave positive results.

“I really hope my colleagues respect each other and adhere to all the proposed protocols because they don’t want anyone else to go through this.” While his case was mild, Froelich said he was constantly asleep, with bad headaches and body aches. “I thought I was careful. Obviously, if I could do it again, I would be even more careful.

Froelich said he was attending the special meeting remotely. Governor Polis will also work from home, reiterating in his statement that he is in the service of the state, “as long as I can, and [keep] I will do my best to protect the health and safety of Coloradans. ”

CPR Bente Birkeland and the Associated Press contributed to this report.