Governor Murphy hacks for Gaetz to appear at the Young Republican gala

The Florida Republican was the backbone of the event – by the Young Republican Club in New York – after former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin stepped back from the indoor event. James O’Keefe, head of conservative clothing at Project Veritas, was also involved in the billing.

Gaetz’s profile has grown significantly in the Trump years, as members of Congress are one of the most enthusiastic supporters in Washington and are often critics of the Internet. Murphy, echoing the president’s propensity for mock nicknames, called Gaetz “Matt Putz,” a foolish man.

“Obviously, for the articulated head, it doesn’t exceed the pale one,” Murphy said, commenting on a photo of Gaetz at the incident.

Murphy posted nearly identical statements on Friday’s Twitter account next to a Gaetz gas-masked photo he wore on the floor of the house earlier this year while the chamber disputed legislation to crown the corona virus.

“You’ll regret this tweet when you move to Florida like the rest of New Jersey,” Gaetz said. he snapped back on the social media platform, while thanking Murphy for sardonically praising the look of the congressman.

“But I only consider him handsome in New Jersey,” Gaetz added.

Restrictions on public activities have become increasingly partisan flashpoints, especially as winter approaches, and new activities are forced to be inside. In many areas, democratically elected officials have also opened up to accusations of hypocrisy after a series of high-profile events.

Murphy said local law enforcement officers are investigating the matter, and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has ordered the site, which is across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan. Liberty State Park will have to be suspended due to violations of the rules on capacity limits and wearing of masks.

“To me, it’s frustrating that they made it easier for an organization that was too scared to do this in New York City,” Fulop told POLITICO, referring to the venue, Maritime Parc. “It puts residents at risk, it puts workers at risk, and we hold them accountable.”

Fulop, Democrats, said his response would have been the same for a Democratic event, but he fired a shot at attendees because they teased New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from afar. in tweets.

“There is no courage profile,” he said. “The guy waits two hours after the incident after hiding across the Hudson to be a tough guy with Governor Cuomo … It’s pathetic.”

New York, where the event was originally planned to be held, limits indoor gatherings to less than 50 people, or 25 percent of its total capacity. New Jersey limits indoor gatherings to only 10 people, but allows activities protected by the First Amendment, such as religious services and political events, to exceed that amount, provided they do not exceed 25 percent capacity or 150 people. .

Gavin Wax, the club’s president, insisted on Twitter that the occasion comply with local rules, and any “proposals to the contrary, as well as any legal threats, are made in bad faith and with political motivation”.

“To the best of our knowledge, the First Amendment has not been repealed,” he said tweeted.

Carly Sitrin and David Giambusso contributed to the report.