Governor Murphy told NJ, “Don’t travel, period” amid the COVID pandemic

NEW JERSEY – This is not a new message, but Governor Phil Murphy has made a more firm statement – this time offering little room for maneuver – that New Jersey residents should not travel unless absolutely necessary.

“We said for six to eight weeks, ‘Don’t travel. Period,'” Murphy said at a news conference.

The statement followed a message posted on Twitter stating that “all non-essential travel is DEVELOPED. Residents and visitors to New Jersey must, with limited exceptions, observe a 14-day self-quarantine. This recommendation excludes temporary travel. “

And that message comes a week after he scrapped his ever-expanding quarantine travel advice, which he’s been issuing for weeks, saying New Jerseyans should avoid traveling unless they go to New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. because – jobs and family are likely to travel to essential places. Learn more at The NJ COVID-19 Travel Quarantine is now valid for all but 4 states

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Exceptions were also made for front-line workers, members of law enforcement or members of active service, Murphy said.

“If there’s a legitimate reason to go to Connecticut, for example, and you have to do it back and forth on a particular day, that’s clearly okay,” Murphy said. “The spirit of this is that it goes for real reason and is on and off on the same day.

“No one should travel outside the state for anything else that is essential to their daily lives, to go to work or for medical treatment, for example.”

Travel advice has been issued to states and territories with a positive test rate of more than 10 per 100,000 inhabitants, or to states where a positive rate of 10 days or more is above a seven-day rolling average. When that number reached 46, Murphy decided to stop using indicators.

“Our sole purpose was to protect public health, whether from the evaded Jerichans or the incoming visitors. That was the spirit of it from day one, and it continues to be so,” Murphy said. . “When the list of states reaches 46, and if its denominator is 49, there are three left. So it’s like saying since September at this point, just don’t travel.”