Haas driver Romain Grosjean involved in a massive fire accident at the Bahrain GP

Romain Grosjean, a Haas pilot, escaped serious injuries after suffering a massive accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix that cut his car in half and set it on fire.

The incident happened when Grosjean contacted Daniil Kvjat of AlphaTauri, who lifted him straight into a barrier. Grosjean’s car was torn apart and immediately caught fire.

The FIA ​​medical car that follows the package in the first lap was immediately on site to help Grosjean from his car and the survivor’s cell. A limping Grosjean was helped into the FIA ​​medical car before being taken to the district medical center by ambulance.

A Haas spokesman said Grosjean has at least one suspected rib fracture.

The race stopped immediately after the accident.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton posted on Instagram immediately after the accident, saying: “I am very grateful to Roman [sic] safe, wow.

“The risk we take is no joke for those out there who forget to put our lives into this sport and love what we do. It’s a reminder to all of us. Grateful to the FIA ​​for the huge steps,” I took Roman to leave it safe. “

Andrew van der Merwe, Safety Car driver who was a member of the team that pulled Grosjean away from the fire, said: “I’ve never seen so many fires … In 12 years, I’ve never seen so many fires and blows like that.

“It only took a little while to process what happened. I’m sure it was only about a second, but I felt like an age. Then Romain just started to get out of the car itself, which is such an accident.”