Hannity: Georgia Governor Kemp “baby is moving in the right direction” while others ignore “evidence”

Sean Hannity devoted part of Friday’s opening monologue to discussing sworn allegations of election fraud by Americans across the country.

The “Hannity” presenter said the statements, along with “observation videos from two states … now raise really significant doubts about the integrity of the 2020 elections.”

“Brave Americans are now speaking out in public, many of whom, because of false testimony, know they deserve to be heard,” he added.

Hannity also noted that Georgian Republican Governor Brian Kemp had called Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Thursday night to begin verifying signatures among mailings.


“Maybe Brian Kemp has actually finally taken a baby step in the right direction,” Hannity said. “While still steadfastly refusing to convene a special legislative session to resolve the problems with the two-tier signature-verification system.”

Critics say GOP-controlled legislatures in Georgia and Pennsylvania have been prevented from properly investigating allegations of irregularities because their state governors refused to convene special legislative sessions.

“Despite the fact that there is evidence of really serious flaws in the whole process of signature-matching, and suspicious surveillance videos on election night,” Hannity said. “By the way, Governor Kemp, call the legislature for an extraordinary meeting. Correct it before January 5th.


“Despite two separate signature-verification systems, the Georgian foreign minister is verifying the election results without serious responses to what happened in Fulton County,” the host continued. “It’s getting worse because Georgia’s election execution manager, Gabriel Sterling, is just rejecting the new, explosive new video evidence, and he wants to say it wasn’t weird at all.”

The presenter referred to an observation video that allegedly showed that public observers were taken out to a room at the Atlanta State Farm Arena after being told that the nightly counting of votes was over.

After they left, one could see a woman pulling suitcases out from under a table that allegedly contained ballots. Votes were reportedly counted for hours and there were no election observers present, CBS46.com reported.