Health officials shut down 5 Douglas County restaurants for refusing to comply with COVID-19 restrictions

The Three Counties Department of Health has ordered five restaurants in Douglas County after violating a public health provision that does not allow personal meals because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Douglas County has the color red, which is the second highest level in the state’s color-coded dialing system. Pursuant to a public health ordinance for this level, all restaurants have ordered that personal meals be stopped at 5pm on November 20th.

“It’s just getting spread and we’re doing our best,” said Brian Hlavacek, director of environmental at Tri-County Health. “The vast majority of facilities meet that.”

The restaurants closed on Mondays include:

  • The Gym Co. Tavern in Parker
  • The Library Co. Bar and Kitchen in Castle Rock
  • Office bar and kitchen in Castle Rock
  • Tailgate Tavern in Parker
  • The Whiskey Lodge in Castle Rock

Orders from the health department require restaurants to remain closed until the agency determines if they are compliant.

Governor Jared Polis said Tuesday that businesses that refuse to comply with COVID-19 restrictions could lose their licenses.

Castle Rock mayors on Tuesday said they opposed the state health department’s decision to move Douglas County to Red Level, saying in a press release that they were asking for an “viable percentage” of indoor meals. The council will not enforce the Red Red restrictions.

The state’s color-coded dialing system assigns a county to a level based on new cases, the percentage of positive tests, and the trend of hospitalization. As of Tuesday, at least 25 counties, including much of the Denver subway, are at the Red Level level.

Local public health officials did not have to close a restaurant in Denver because they violated Red Level regulations. Denver’s public health and environmental services will respond if there are complaints from residents that any restaurant continues to provide personal meals, the agency’s spokesman said in an email to Tammy Vigil.