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Her father's grandmother, who killed her 5 children, is trying to save her life

COLUMBIA, S.C. "The father and grandmother of a man killing his fifth child on Monday asked the jury to save his life from murder because his family had seen so much death and sadness."

Roberta Thornsberry testified that after the loss of five grand grandchildren when Timothy Jones Jr. was killed in 2014 at Lexington's home, she had to deal with the early deaths of other children and grandchildren.

Casey Secor's defense attorney asked her if her jury would kill her granddaughter to kill her five grandchildren.

"No, my God. I love him. Our family has gone through it. I don't think we would know more. It was so bad that I think it would be the final nail in the coffin," Thornsberry said. he wiped his tears from his eyes.


Later, on Monday, Timothy Jones Sr. also encouraged the jury to wear out his son's life, take off his shirt and tie to show the jury's tattoo on the face of all five grandchildren covering his back.

Earlier he testified that he had destroyed his basin built in his yard so that the grandchildren would play after the defense attorneys and showed that the home was the oldest of his two.

"I am more responsible than anyone," said Jones Sr. The murder of his five grandchildren in his son's hands.

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The same jury, who condemned five murder sentences last week, Jones Jr. They must unanimously choose the death penalty, or Jones will automatically be sent to prison without imprisonment.

Thornsberry talked about Jones Jr. was mostly happy as a child. He identified five grandfather's children in the photos of all of their beds when he visited his house.

Jones's lawyers are trying to get the jury to grace Jones, showing that his execution only continues the heartache suffered by his family.

Prosecutor Shawn Graham reminded Thornsberry of his testimony before Jones was convicted, saying he was selfish because he was the only child. Then, in a soft voice, he asked him if he could hear the confession of Jones's testimony that the older children were begging for their lives or said they loved their father when they strangled them.

he shouted and agreed calmly.

Jones admitted that he was practicing 6-year-old Nathan while he collapsed and died, and then he decided to kill the other four children a few hours later. Jones said he'd smeared eight-year-old Merahot and 7-year-old Elias with his hand and used a 2-year-old Gabriel and 1-year-old Abigail because his hands were too big.

Earlier on Monday, defense lawyers were called to two prison guards who said Jones had been behind the prisoners for nearly five years and ignored the terrible things that other prisoners had said.

Psychiatrist Donna Maddox was also named, who treats Jones and said that schizophrenia is getting worse, removing his external feelings and intelligence.

When he killed his children, Jones was a computer engineer who made $ 80,000 a year. Now, under a number of intelligence tests, it is below average, Maddox said.

The lawyers heard the heartbeat testimony nearly four weeks ago when the mother of the children was disconnected not to do more to help their children to teachers who said they were nightmares and still see it being taught in the school hall.

Jones' own father testified that he was afraid that his son would be degraded mentally because his mother had been in a mental institution for more than two decades with schizophrenia and a psychiatrist appointed by a court had confirmed that mental problems were derived from synthetic marijuana, not in his brain.

The trial is provided by the Lexington County Court.

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