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Huawei prototyped the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but killed her

A senior executive of Huawei took Samsung's biggest competitor in Samsung, as the two companies took a head-on step in displaying their new folding phones.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's mobile business, said Huawei originally prototyped a folding phone similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold, but killed it because it was "not good".

"I feel like using two screens, a front screen and a back screen, makes the phone too difficult," said Richard Yu of Galaxy Fold and talked to Business Insider.

"We had several solutions, but we deleted them. We had three projects at the same time [the Samsung Galaxy Fold], they were killed.

"That was bad," he added.

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The Huawei Mate X's folding smartphone features a single, flexible display that converts the device from an smartphone to an 8-inch tablet.

You can see how it looks here:

The Galaxy Fold works a little differently with a small front screen that acts as a smartphone when the device is folded. The phone then opens like a book to reveal the second, tablet-sized screen.

It looks like this:

Yu's comments Huawei's weapon serves as Samsung's number one position as the world's largest phone maker.

Samsung has occupied this peak for years, while Huawei ranks among Apple's second and third place. However, Huawei is the only company among the three to gain market share in the 2018 holiday season.

The difference between Mate X and Galaxy Fold has provoked a debate over which phone has better design.

Some people believe that the X Mate's two devices are finer because the screen leans outward and can easily scratch. Others point to the Galaxy. The drive does not stop completely, allowing dust and other objects to fall into the gap and damage the device.

Frank Gillet, Forrester's analyst, commented that no one had the chance to try any of the tools, but Huawei initially looked like better design.

"Huawei folding tablet looks better at first glance simply because it is thinner and has a larger screen in phone and tablet mode," said Business Insider. "And it is likely that the fold-out design will appear less on the screen than Samsung's fold, although only time will appear.

"It is too early to argue which one is better until we all can try out the production units. These were clearly prototypes that never seem as good as later."

Folding phones are still not available for the average consumer, Gillett added. Mate X pays $ 2,229 ($ 2,600). Galaxy Fold costs $ 2,000, or $ 1,980 for US consumers.


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